How to Get Anything Past a TSA Full-Body Scanner

For years I have been preaching about the lack of critical thinking and common sense that characterized the Transportation Security Administration's choice to roll out full-body scanners at airports nationwide. I have pointed out that the machines were never tested prior to their acquisition and that a women smuggled a gun in her bra through a full body scanner not once, but five times and the TSA never so much as acknowledged it. But maybe that was not enough to convince you these devices were much less effective at detecting prohibited items than a traditional metal detector. Well, if this video does not change your mind, nothing will:

I suppose we have to assume this guy is not just making up a story, but based on his blog and history (the first person to sue the TSA attempting to block the full body scanners from being put into use) I have to doubt it.

Well done, Jon--keep up the good work. Something sinister is going on at the TSA--surely the agency officials running it cannot be this stupid. But every time I think about the TSA I get angry and something needs to change. This video has confirmed my leaning to vote for Ron Paul in the California primary. He may not have a snowball's chance in hell of winning the Republican nomination or the Presidency, but he's the only presidential candidate on either side willing to speak the truth about the TSA. Let's hope that he will continue to influence national debate on this reprobate agency.


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