Guam to Tokyo in Continental Airlines Business Class

After a refreshing stay at the Sheraton Laguna Guam Resort, it was time to continue on to Tokyo.

Antonio B. Won Pat International Airport in Guam is very easy to navigate and was empty when I arrived for my midday flight to Tokyo. I suppose I was running a little late, checking in about an hour before check-in, but there was no one else in line at the ticket counter or in security. I received a complimentary upgrade to business class due to my 1K status on United and because the aircraft, though an international flight, only featured domestic two-class seating.

 Guam International AIrport

CO_Guam to Tokyo_06 727

Aloha Pacific Airlines 727 still in service

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is in Guam as well, and all the same carry-on restrictions apply for flights ex-GUM. The clerks were pleasant enough and soon I was on my way to the President’s Club.

With 24 destinations serviced, Guam is a hub for Continental/United and the President’s Club was spacious and comfortable, reminding me a bit of the LAX lounge with newer furniture. Wi-Fi was free and the same snacks (still breakfast in this case) were available to passengers that can be found in other Continental domestic lounges.

 CO_Guam to Tokyo_01 presidents club

CO_Guam to Tokyo_02 presidents club

CO_Guam to Tokyo_03 presidents club

CO_Guam to Tokyo_04 presidents club

Boarding was called from the lounge and I made my way down the long terminal to the Continental departure gates. The flight was already boarding and I got in line and soon found myself waiting in line on the jetbridge.

The 737-800 was from the Micronesia division, so there were no personal IFE units at each seat. Pre-departure beverages were served as the other passengers loaded.

In the air, meal orders were taken from front to back and no menus were distributed for the three-hour flight to Tokyo. The choices were steak or salmon and I chose salmon—hoping it would be as good as the fish I had on my Continental flight to Fiji last year.

Bagged nuts and a drink to start, followed by a single tray service. The meal was excellent and the highlight was the fresh, hot garlic bread.  Although the salmon was probably farmed, it was flavored with a great lemon butter sauce and the rice, carrots, and green beans that accompanied it made for a very nice lunch. Strawberry mousse, a common fixture on CO Micronesia, was served for dessert. A hot cookie would have been much preferred.

CO_Guam to Tokyo_06 meal

CO_Guam to Tokyo_07 meal

CO_Guam to Tokyo_08 meal

CO_Guam to Tokyo_09 meal

CO_Guam to Tokyo_10 meal  

Service was fine, though not memorable. The FAs were not engaging, but they were friendly and efficient—and I suppose that is most important. After the meal service they disappeared, but would check up once in a while to see if anyone needed their glasses topped up.

We landed in Tokyo a bit late and I was thanked for my business on the way out. Sounds like just another boring domestic flight, right? That is exactly what it was like, but it was still a good flight and worth sharing about merely because we do not hear a lot about Continental’s Guam operation.

I should add that economy class passengers were served Continental’s delicious green chicken wrap (I found this out after the flight). Had I known, I would have requested a meal from the back, or four. They are that good.


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