From First Class to Economy: My 58K Mile Journey Begins

There is never an ideal time to take time off from a busy job, but with my brother graduating from university next week, I constructed my trip to Japan and South Korea as well as my mileage run from Seattle to Newark via Hawaii and Brazil around that date.

I will hop on UA933 tonight, the 1700 departure from Frankfurt to Washington Dulles, and have elected not to upgrade: the loads are so light that I am essentially able to reserve a row of five seats to myself on the 777 in Economy Plus. After flying in first class on United from Washington to Frankfurt last week, it will be interesting to compare service levels in economy to those of first. I have a feeling tonight's flight will be better in terms of service--just a hunch.

I'll be leap-frogging around the United States before arriving at Los Angeles tomorrow evening, briefly catching up with family, then flying to Japan via Honolulu and Guam on Thursday.

I am only about 35K miles away from 1K and I'll rack up far more than that on this upcoming journey. With more travel coming in May and June, the British Midland re-qualification issue is once again open.


Marcus May 3, 2011 at 09:24 pm

Woa, how did you rack up 65k already??? I must have missed some travel!

@Marcus: Three trips to FRA already plus a lot of domestic running in March and April and a good bit of travel intra-Europe on Lufty.

Jerry May 3, 2011 at 10:12 pm

Hi, How do you know what the loads are?? Where can I find that kind of data?

flo May 4, 2011 at 05:57 am

Gotta love the amount of vacation you get in Germany :)

@Jerry: Expert Flyer or KVS are great tools for this.

@Flo: Indeed.

I'm glad you postponed your Japan trip until now... I think you'll really enjoy it! Congrats on your upcoming 1K requalification. I'm still holding out on rolling over for as long as possible due to the SWU posting schedule, but I sit at 71K today. As you've predicted for your FRA-IAD flight, I find service in coach internationally to often be better than business or first. Those "junior" F/As in steerage always seem to have a better attitude.

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