Early Deposit of 2011 Systemwide Upgrades Available on United

United is now offering to deposit 2011 Systemwide Upgrades in your account as soon as you earn them.

Register today to receive your Systemwide Upgrades early
If you have already qualified for 1K® status in 2011, you can choose to have your six Systemwide Upgrades deposited into your account now, or anytime before December 25, 2010.

It's simple. Choose which situation listed below applies to you

I've qualified for 1K status, and I'm ready for my upgrades.
Great. Register now and we will deposit your upgrades within seven to 10 business days. You can confirm receipt of your upgrades on united.com.

I've not yet qualified for 1K status, but I'd like my upgrades as soon as I’ve qualified.
If you're on track to qualify for 1K status, and would like to receive your upgrades once you do, register now. We will deposit your upgrades into your account within seven to 10 business days after you qualify.

I'll wait to receive my upgrades until January 1, 2010.
If you have earned the EQM/EQS required to qualify for 1K status for 2011, but do not register for this offer, or if you register after December 25, 2010, rest assured that you will still get your upgrades. We will deposit your Systemwide Upgrades into your account on January 1, 2011.

In past years, UA has offered to deposit SWUs early, usually up to four, but not this early. Be aware that if you elect to have your upgrades deposited early, they will expire 12 months after the month of your deposit.

Register here.


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