Continental Announces Elite Upgrades on Award Tickets for Credit Card Holders

Scott O'Leary, Continental's Managing Director of Customer Experience and a former guest on UPGRD, confirmed on Flyertalk yesterday that elite members who hold a Continental Chase Presidential Plus or OnePass Plus MasterCard will be eligible for complimentary upgrades on award tickets starting next year.


  • Applies only on Continental flights (not UA--yet) that are currently eligible for complimentary elite upgrades on revenue tickets.
  • The prioritization of upgrades will be by elite tier, with award tickets just behind the lowest revenue class.
  • The benefit is for the primary cardholder only, though Platinum and Gold companion upgrade benefits will still apply.
  • Only Chase Presidential Plus or OnePass Plus MasterCard holders are eligible.

Sounds good to me!

(Tip of the hat to The Wandering Aramean)


Steve K June 8, 2010 at 05:04 pm

The question still open for me is whether it is card holder, or card-to-buy-ticket. Company buys Tix on Corporate card. I hold Chase card.

We'll see...

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