Posts from February 2013

Farewell Ebbitt Express

One of my Washington rituals over the last decade has been to eat lunch at Ebbitt Express, if time permits, every time I arrive in the city. Located adjacent to Old Ebbitt Grill...

The Lawyer Behind the AA-US Merger

Never underestimate the capacity of one man to make a difference. The pages of history make that clear and as the dust settles around the almost certain merger of American Airli...

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US Airways Call Center Humor

If US Airways and American Airlines do end up merging, I hope the good folks at the US Airways call centers do not lose their positions. I depend on them to get my jollies...11 Comments Read more

This is the United Airlines That I Love

I had a great weekend in Chicago. I'm in Philadelphia or Los Angeles, my brother is in San Francisco, and we do not get to see a lot of each other anymore, but we both made time...

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