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Review: Four Seasons Beirut

Beirut is a city of contradictions. It has a rich French-influenced history, a proud culture, and a warm and affable people. Yet Beirut has suffered from great politica...

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Splitting a Record Is Always Possible

In booking award tickets on a daily basis, I often encounter situations in which I must split a record before ticketing. Put simply, say there are two people on an award reserva...

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TSA Will Remove Some Nude Scanners

Chalk this up as a small victory in the war on common sense. The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) confirmed today that it will remove some airport body sca...

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Review: Park Hyatt Hamburg

When my brother and I decided to drive up to Hamburg for a weekend, there were many considerations that shaped our travel plans. Hamburg, Ge...

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No Solution When a Trip Falls Apart

Sometimes even the most diligent planning and scrupulous attention to detail cannot save an ill-fated trip from self-destruction. Take this recent lurid account of mitch...

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The Perfect End to a LAX Mileage Run

I mentioned last week that I had to take a last-minute year-end mileage run from LA to Boston on December 30th in order to secure the 5K miles necessary to push me over the 150K...

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Megabus Wins Again

A quick update on my perpetual struggle of choosing between the value of Megabus or the comfort and convenience of Amtrak to get between Philadelphia and Washington.


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