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Top Secret Trip

Folks, I suppose a Tweet would have been enough, but I'll be away the next couple days and may not have access to the internet. Care to guess where I am headed?

You'll l...


Memorial Day 2012

Despite the irony of Boeing depending on war and carnage, and thereby the death of soldiers, to stay profitable, the aerospace firm manages to put together a nice Memorial Day a...


Jeff Smisek's "Passionate Plea" to United Pilots

Jeff Smisek assumes the "good cop" role in a letter to United Airlines pilots concerning ongoing contract negotiations. Still, the United CEO does not dance around the highly co...

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United Airlines Security Breach

This is not another post attacking SHARES, United's Passenger Service System (PSS). But it is a reminder that the system still has kinks in it, some of which should cause United...


Winning Over a Cranky Flight Attendant

Have you ever had a flight attendant from hell who turned out to be an angel in disguise?  I did on a recent United Airlines flight. Kind of.

I was flying from Los ...