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United Airlines Reflects on Progress

I received the following e-mail this afternoon from United Airlines reflecting on its progress since 03 March in making Continental and United a single airline:

As a P...


Treated Like a Criminal in My Own Country

Just a few days ago I said I would never complain about U.S. Customs and Border Patrol again. That was before I came back to America earlier this week and had to deal with anoth...


Bribing My Way Out of Kazakhstan

Another trip to a former Soviet Republic, another adventure at the border.

I was originally scheduled to fly out of Almaty to Frankfurt early on 25 March. Plans changed ...


Was it the Way I Looked? Part III

Part I

Part II

Back in the United Club, I sat down to plot out how I would get back to Philadelphia. Flights were full--very full. Premium cabins were zeroed out...


Was it the Way I Looked? Part II

Read Part I here

As I mentioned in Part I, when I reached SFO Saturday morning to check in for my trip to Philadelphia via Chicago, the agent could not find my ticket. I...


Was it the Way I Looked? Part I

The rain and fog was bad in SFO yesterday, delaying my US Airways flight from Charlotte for over three hours and causing a misconnect on my way back to PHL. I knew I would miss ...


I Did Not Clear the Standby List...

...for the shower. And boy oh boy, did I miss it.

It's been an interesting few days. Easter Island was great--pictures will be coming in due time--but I made a big mista...


Next Stop: Easter Island on LAN

Last fall, when British Airways massively devalued its Executive Club program, I went on a booking frenzy in the final hours of old award chart and booked a number of trips, inc...


An Amazing Delta TV Ad

Airline television ads are one of my favorite topics on Live and Let's Fly. I've raved about United Airlines ads, been awestruck by British Airways not once, but twice, and been...


TSA Concedes Failure of Full Body Scanners

TSA’s Iraqi Information Minister, Blogger Bob, addressed the new video “making its way around the interwebs” about why full body scanners actually make us less...


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