Posts from February 2012

Kazakhstan Embassy: Take Two

Yesterday I lamented about the refusal of the Kazakhstan Embassy in Washington, DC to take my visa application package when I showed up 20 minutes after scheduled closing. ...


When Rules Should Be Overruled

Let’s have a debate about rules today. I’ve touched on the issue before and it usually draws a number of comments, most of them negative, stating that rules are on t...


When it Pays to Have Frequent Flyer Status

I had a tight connection in Washington Dulles that involved a terminal change and actually missed my connecting flight yesterday. All flights to Philadelphia were zeroed out, bu...


Mixed Review of the Hilton Washington Dulles

I am not going to post a full-fledged review or even include pictures because it was just an airport hotel, after all, but after my stay at the Hilton Washington Dulles Airport ...


United Airlines Sells Waikiki Seaside Hotel

A story about United Airlines selling its dated but centrally-located Waikiki hotel brought to mind a very fond memory that helped solidify my loyalty to United.

In 2009...


Free Wi-Fi this Week on US Airways

US Airways is offering ten minutes of free Gogo Wi-Fi by entering promo code USFREE10. Gogo is available exclusively on US Airways' A321 aircraft and standard r...

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