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Lost Baggage Success Story on United Airlines

I rarely check baggage, but I checked three bags on my trip from Frankfurt to Los Angeles this week. With my time winding down in Germany, I elected to bring most of my stuff ho...


Airlines Make Thanksgiving Possible

Happy Thanksgiving to my readers in the United States and pleasant greetings to everyone. I am spending the day with family and friends today and thought it would be fitting sim...

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Back in the USA + A Bump on United Airlines

I am back in the U.S. this week for Thanksgiving and am just grinning tonight that my little ploy worked.

My company booked me on a non-stop Lufthansa flight from Frankf...


US Airways 100% Bonus Mile Promotion is Back

Just in time for Christmas, US Airways will bring back its 100% bonus promotion on purchased miles on 01 December. But unlike recent offers that capped the bonus at 50,000 miles...

Weekend in Cyprus and Lebanon

Hello from Ercan, Northern Cyprus.

I flew into Larnaca, Cyprus last night and after a brief walk around town travelled north to the disputed Northern Cyprus, a breakaway...


More Fuel Surcharges Coming to Aeroplan

Just days after tacking on fuel surcharges to Lufthansa flights, Aeroplan has decided to share the love:

Fuel surcharges to flight rewards on the following Star Allian...

My British Airways Executive Club Dilemma

With the extinction of British Airways' Executive Club days away and a steep devaluation of BA miles feared for North American flyers in the new and still secret "Avios" program...

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Review: Grand Hyatt Santiago

Can a dishonest cab driver ruin a hotel stay? No—but it did detract greatly from what was otherwise a very comfortable stay at Santiag...


The Downside to Flying Standby as a Non-Rev

I had a nice quiet weekend in Frankfurt: plenty of sleep, leisurely meals, and even some time for free reading. But it was not the weekend I wanted--Moldova and the breakaway re...

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