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United Purser Packs Picnic Lunch For Me

The plan was to fly from Boston to San Francisco this afternoon on United, but I opted to standby for a morning transcon so I could have dinner with family this evening. The fli...

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The Time to Visit Japan is Now

I had a wonderful, albeit brief, stay in Japan and feel the obligation to provide the following observation:

Above all else, my trip to Japan demonstrated that the ...


Buddha Spoils My Trip to the DMZ!

Don't you just hate it when plans go awry?

I arrived in Seoul last night and had set up a tour to visit the DMZ and Panmunjom (North/South Korea border) today, a relic o...


Guam was Great, Onward to Tokyo!

I am on my way to the airport now after a brief but wonderful stay in Guam. I stayed at the Sheraton Laguna Guam last night and found it to be a wonderful property--a full repor...


The Bully Got His Way

Don't you just hate it when bullies get their way? I flew from Denver to Boston on United today and one of the passengers was quite a character.

He was an older man, abo...

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