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United Express Pulls Out of Oxnard

Another LA airport bites the dust. First Palmdale, now Oxnard.

With diminishing traffic and lack of profits, Skywest/United Express ceased operations at Oxnard Regional ...

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The End of Mileage Running on United

Yesterday, I mentioned that I was saddened by a change to United's fare rules that will radically transform (literally) the way I travel domestically. Basically, United has elim...

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Airlines Work to Update Technology

...[I]f you’ve ever been stranded at an airport during a raging thunderstorm, chances are you will end up standing in a long line watching a gate agent typing furiously ...

Return of the Concorde?

Although the Concorde has not flown for almost seven years, a group of aviation enthusiasts are attempting to return the jet to flight in a heritage capacity.

 A re...

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Rent an iPad on Jetstar!

Jetstar has ordered hundreds of iPads from Apple and will will begin renting them on select domestic Australian flights this month for A$10. 

Andrea Wait, speakin...

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