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British Airways' CEO Turns Down Huge Bonus

Times are tough for British Airways, but I have a lot of respect for Willie Walsh.

British Airways' chief executive Willie Walsh has turned down a six-figure bonus for...

United Express Pulls Out of Oxnard

Another LA airport bites the dust. First Palmdale, now Oxnard.

With diminishing traffic and lack of profits, Skywest/United Express ceased operations at Oxnard Regional ...


The End of Mileage Running on United

Yesterday, I mentioned that I was saddened by a change to United's fare rules that will radically transform (literally) the way I travel domestically. Basically, United has elim...


Emirates Orders 32 more A380s from Airbus

Emirates, a rising star among airlines, ordered 32 additional A380s from Airbus this week. Airbus recently received its 10th A380 delivery and augments its previous order of 58 ...


The Solution to Avoid IDBs: VDB Auctions

The Wall Street Journal has an excellent editorial today arguing that rather than more government rules, airlines should adopt an auction-style system to deal with overbooked fl...


Airlines Work to Update Technology

...[I]f you’ve ever been stranded at an airport during a raging thunderstorm, chances are you will end up standing in a long line watching a gate agent typing furiously ...

Car Takes Flight at DFW

Boeing and Airbus now have a new competitor: Ford Motor Company. 

The woman, who was drun...

Return of the Concorde?

Although the Concorde has not flown for almost seven years, a group of aviation enthusiasts are attempting to return the jet to flight in a heritage capacity.

 A re...


United's Secret Plan to Cut Fuel Costs

Well, it's not a secret anymore.

United Airlines will become the first airline to conduct two trans-Atlantic flights using state-of-the-art flight planning to reduce e...

Ohio Woman Defrauds United of $400,000+

Another reason to be weary of the contract employees of United Express:

An Ohio roller derby skater who used the team name "Sadistic Sadie" has admitted in f...


Rent an iPad on Jetstar!

Jetstar has ordered hundreds of iPads from Apple and will will begin renting them on select domestic Australian flights this month for A$10. 

Andrea Wait, speakin...

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