Another Crate of Bad Apples at the TSA - Bribery at PHL

Gary brings us the latest example of how the TSA is keeping us safe: bribery and falsifying results on proficiency exams. Whodathunkit?

An investigation has revealed that seven employees at Philadelphia International Airport were involved in a bribery scandal in which a supervisor demanded money to give passing marks to those who failed or were at risk of failing an annual proficiency exam. The investigation only took seven months.

TSA management at the Philadelphia airport removed 10 employees from security duties in November pending results of an investigation of bribery by the Homeland Security Department’s Office of Inspector General.

Does that strike you as odd? Gary points out and I must fully agree:

I certainly wouldn’t be paid for seven months ‘pending results of an investigation’ of my paying bribes to have my proficiency results falsified, or taking bribes to falsify others’ results.

But fear not, all is okay according to the TSA:

The decision to remove these employees affirms our strong commitment to our vital security mission and the safety of the traveling public.

Except that these TSOs were on the job for for at least some interim period between their falsified certification and the discovery of the bribery. Does that suggest that certification doesn't really matter, since the TSA "airport security" is a canard in the first place?

And then you have the supervisor, 29-year old Shannon Gilliam, who will spend four months on probation, six months on house arrest, and must perform 300 hours of community service. Apparently, she pulled a student out of class who had failed the proficiency exam twice and offered to take it for him. For $200.

Hey TSA--more and more people are starting to figure out just what a joke your agency is. Keep up the good work!


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