An Escape to Iceland

The last week has been quite stressful, so I wanted a change of pace this week. I’ve been in Frankfurt this month, which is great, working 16 hours a day, which is not so great. An opening in my schedule occurred and I decided to make the most of it—after all, I will be back in the U.S. in just a few weeks. So I chose Iceland as my first destination of the week. Late yesterday evening.

Being that I decided to take a trip the night before, that meant a mileage redemption and thankfully the European Star Alliance carriers have very good award availability and literally “open the hatches” a day or two before if seats remain unsold. So I had no problem booking a Lufthansa/SAS combo to get me here. Because SAS skimps so much in terms of economy class service (coffee and tea are free, everything else you must pay for) and Lufthansa’s economy class sandwiches have steadily gone downhill the last year, I booked in business class. SAS had great food last time I flew them longhaul from Copenhagen to Washington Dulles so I look forward to sampling that.

More so than airline food, I look forward to visiting a new country and enjoying some more cool weather. Moldova, the breakaway region of Transnistria, and Turkey are on the agenda for later in the week, so I will enjoy the cool weather now.

With over 21 hours of light this time of year in Iceland, let’s hope my guest house has some blackout blinds!


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