A Closer Look at Lufthansa's A380

Airbus delivered Lufthansa's first A380 superjumbo last Wednesday--only three years late.

With Lufthansa's decision to place only eight First Class seats on the plane, the aircraft will hold a whopping 526 passengers.

  • FIRST - 8 seats
  • BUSINESS - 98 seats
  • ECONOMY - 420 seats

Starting June 11th, LH will begin Frankfurt to Tokyo Narita service on the new aircraft, the first of 15 A380s on order for Lufthana's fleet.

Below are some photos from the dedication ceremony as well as photos inside the new plane. All photos are from Lufty's nifty A380 website and are copyrighted by Deutsche Lufthansa AG.



First Class

Business Class

Economy Class

Dedication Ceremony

Don't you love those smiling German women?

Wolfgang Mayrhuber - Chairman and CEO of Lufthansa


1. Overall, the plane looks great, but...

2. I don't fault LH for installing only eight First Class seats, but why not make them like Singapore or Emirates did on their A380? The seats look just like the ones Swiss Air uses on their new A330-300s so I suspect they will be comfortable, but Lufthansa could have really hit a home-run with private suites. You saw the picture of the large First Class bathroom above, but LH scrapped plans to install a shower onboard like Emirates offers on its A380. That would have been nice too.

3. Business Class is a disappointment. I don't understand why any airline, let alone a world-class airline like Lufthansa (and Air France for that matter) would choose to put angled lie-flat seats when lie-flat seats are the industry standard now for a top-tier airline. If United can muster lie-flat seats, certainly Lufthansa could have, especially on its new flagship aircraft.

4. Standard seats in Economy Class only have 79cm (31.1 inches) of legroom. That is tight.


I look forward to giving LH's A380 a try, perhaps as early as August. Lufthansa has waited a LONG time for this aircraft and I congratulate them on finally adding a "superjumbo" to their fleet.


kd5mdk May 30, 2010 at 08:17 pm

Is there demand for 98J seats on many flights? I know BA has a 70J model of the 744, but this does seem like a lot to me.

Marc October 11, 2011 at 04:11 pm

They cram even more people in economy than before. Also, the two seat groupings an the left and right widnows have been replaced by 3 seats each. I tend to fly economy so I will try to avoid this monster.

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