Will United Airlines' Million Miler Program Go From Best to Worst?

United Airlines has a pretty sweet Million Miler program right now -- 

Compared to American and Delta, it is quite generous (with lifetime Star Alliance Gold status at 1MM for the member and a companion) but perhaps that is the problem -- too generous to last...
Someone on ...

United Quietly Eliminates Award Holds and Why It Matters

United Airlines rolled out a new website earlier this year that offered customers the ability to hold award space if they had insufficient miles, a tremendously helpful feature to eliminate the risk of buying or transferring miles. Despite assurances from new CEO Oscar Munoz that "I will ...

A Suggested Revision to "These Germans" Lufthansa Commercial

Lufthansa has a great commercial poking a bit of fun at the stereotypical German character trait of punctuality in a way that effectively sells the brand--

But seeing that Lufthansa has dealt with more than a dozen strikes over the last year, perhaps that commercial should include ...

A Thanksgiving Resolution

nce upon a time there was a boy who loved to fly around the world using his miles and points. Around the globe he flew, visiting the far corners of the world; meeting new people and surveying new lands.
The boy grew into a man and his eyes were opened to the world around him, to the ...

Ordering Emirates Chauffeur Service Less Than 48 Hours Prior to Travel

One of the great benefits of flying business or first class on Emirates is the ability to order complimentary chauffeur service to take you to and from the airport. This service is available at both your origin and destination and can be arranged online (under "manage a booking") up to 48 ...
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Brussels Shuts Down and State Department Travel Warning

Brussels is essentially shut down for a third day -- public transportation has ground to a standstill, shops are closed, and tanks roll down empty boulevards. Parisians look around each corner furtively, with images of carnage permanently ingrained and a state of emergency reflected in ...

Hilarious United Airlines Holiday Video

Thanksgiving is just around the corner and Christmas is not too far off. United is getting a jump start on the holidays this year with a video that is both hilarious and touching:

Seriously, I love this video. I think these sorts of scenes around the dinner table are something that many of us can relate to and I love the safety video spoof, which is actually far better than United's current new safety video. The video will be shown after the safety video on flights now through the end of December.

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Why United Airlines Should Bring Back Cappuccino and Espresso

Yesterday United introduced illy as its new coffee partner and paradoxically, included this picture in its press release—
You see, United does not offer cappuccino or mocha onboard its flights.
Not that it couldn’t, mind you.
Much of the ex-Continental longhaul ...
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United Airlines Chooses illy as New Coffee Provider

United flyers can finally breathe a sigh of relief -- the despised coffee currently found onboard and in United Clubs is on the way out and Italian coffee maker illy is on the way in.
Starting next month we will begin to see illy in United Clubs and beginning next summer (2016) illy will ...

Take That Air New Zealand!

Hey Air New Zealand...you're finally going to have a little competition!
(Imagine me sticking out my tongue at them)
You see, I have very mixed emotions concerning New Zealand's flag carrier. Air New Zealand has a great onboard product in business class, an innovative Sky Couch, and ...

How To Get Arrested on a Plane

Many are tense now with recent terrorist attacks in Paris and Beirut still a vivid memory as is the downing of a Russian jet in Egypt. With that heightened fear, I can only imagine what passengers onboard a British Airways flight from London to Boston this afternoon felt when an unruly ...

American Airlines Finally Guts Award Chart

I've been predicting it for months...years actually...and the time has finally come: AA announced a huge devaluation of its AAdvantage award chart today. The only question has been how bad it would be and for those who like premium cabin redemptions the answer is simple: the changes are ...

Chase Will Restrict Ultimate Rewards Transfers Starting November 15, 2015

Chase is changing the way you can transfer Ultimate Rewards points starting tomorrow, 15 November 2015. Currently, rules restrict the transfer of points to only your own accounts or the account of a spouse. Starting tomorrow, you can transfer points only to yourself or authorized account ...

Another Terrorist Attack in Paris

I had a light-hearted post scheduled for publication this evening, but with tragedy in Paris still unfolding -- more than 100 dead in multiple terrorist attacks around the French capital -- the post would have simply been out of place. It's ready for tomorrow.
Louis Armstrong may have sung ...

New Coffee Coming to United Airlines

While I love a good cappuccino, I rarely drink plain coffee -- why drink an addictive beverage that stains your teeth and keeps you up at night? I realize I am in the minority here, particularly among the traveling crowd, but perhaps it is for the better. After all, my primary airline is ...

Helmut Schmidt and Lufthansa 181

November 11, 1918 was no happy day for Germany. The Armistice had been signed on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month and the "war to end all wars" was over -- Germany had lost. As jubilation poured out on the streets of Europe and America, revolution poured through German ...

Etihad Airways Nanny Service

Ever since I watched Alfred Hitchcock's 1956 remake of The Man Who Knew Too Much many years ago, I have been mortified at the thought of babysitters. In the film, the hotel-arranged babysitter ends up kidnapping the child while the parents are out. If Heidi and I have children one day, any ...

U.S. Justice Department Blocks Newark Slot Deal Between United and Delta

United has already abandoned New York Kennedy in a deal in which United traded its Kennedy slots for 24 of Delta's Newark slots. Today, the U.S. Department of Justice said not so fast, suing to block the deal on anti-competition grounds.
"We know from experience what happens when ...

American Express Won't Confirm New Centurion Lounge at LAX...Yet

Is a new American Express Centurion Lounge coming to Los Angeles International Airport? Brian Summers points to a recent LAX employee newsletter claiming that one is coming between Terminals 6 and 7.

It does seem odd that American Express would place two couches and a big "Centurion ...