US Airways Survived Five Days Longer in Back to the Future than in Reality!

Just a short fun post on a cool piece of movie trivia that View from the Wing brought my attention to -- US Airways survived five days longer in Back to the Future II than in reality.
Today is "Back to the Future Day", which you are free to google if you are not familiar with the movie ...

Aer Lingus Adds Flights to Los Angeles, Newark, and Hartford

Aer Lingus is accelerating its international expansion with newly announced service to Los Angeles, Newark, and Hartford in 2016.
New USA Routes Propel Aer Lingus International Expansion
Thus far, we only have details about the Los Angeles route, which will operate five days per week ...

A Familiar Face on United Airlines

Prior to departure on a recent redeye to Washington Dulles, an LAX gate agent came onboard toward the end of boarding to check on overhead bin space. As usual, the bins were full.
A late-boarding Ethiopian family of four, each with a large carry-on item, attempted to find overhead bin space, ...
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Brett Hart is United's New Acting CEO

And just like that, another lawyer is at the helm of United Airlines. As a lawyer myself, you might expect that I would express some form of solidarity, but it just makes me suspicious from the outset after sleazy lawyer Jeff Smisek's tenure at United. But honest lawyer is not necessarily an ...

Update on United CEO Munoz Coming Today

United released the following, fairly cryptic statement this morning from Henry Meyer, non-executive Chairman of the Board--
The Company anticipates it will today conclude the corporate governance process necessitated by the hospitalization of President and CEO, Oscar Munoz. The company ...
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Congratulations to American Airlines, But Now What?

The final transition from US Airways to American Airlines was a total non-event and for that I must offer my congratulations to American Airlines.
Thinking back to that fateful March day of Continental – United system integration in 2011, I cannot help but to notice AA learned from ...
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Why Are We Seeing So Many Cheap Business Class Tickets?

We’ve seen a steady stream of cheap business class fares of late, and it is not unreasonable to question why this fundamental change is occurring.
The bean counters have figured something out – leisure and business travelers at the margins are willing to pay a bit more to ...

Keep Your Boarding Pass Close!

I wrote an article this week for Inside Flyer showcasing the compromising personal information at your fingertips with nothing more than a discarded boarding pass. An equal-opportunity problem; American, Delta, and United all have a lot of work on their hands if they wish to better protect the ...
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Breaking: United CEO Oscar Munoz Suffers Heart Attack

Some bad news this morning from United Airlines, where apparently CEO Oscar Munoz suffered a heart attack and is in a Chicago hospital. More info here.

Apparently, the United board had no succession plan in place, which speaks volumes about the airline that Munoz is attempting to run. After an emergency meeting to discuss naming an interim CEO, the board has decided to punt on the decision.

My thoughts are with Mr. Munoz -- I trust he will quickly recover.

Yes, I Took Advantage of the British Airways Sale and You Should Too

When news hit about British Airways’ stellar business class fare deal yesterday, I had no intention of taking advantage – I already have a healthy supply of points to fund years of premium cabin award travel, am loyal to United Airlines, and perhaps most importantly, my wife still ...
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Last Chance for TWA Flight Center Tour at JFK this Sunday

The storied TWA Terminal at JFK is an architectural masterpiece that has sat vacant for more than a decade in the center of New York's busiest airport. Construction will soon begin to turn the empty terminal into a luxury hotel but you have one last chance to check out the terminal in is ...

United Airlines Announces Further Meal Service Improvements

Let's give United Airlines a little credit  -- the carrier has improved the quality of meal service in domestic premium cabins over the last year and has now announced another series of improvements that represent, if nothing else, a new reality in the race to win over discretionary travelers ...
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This is Why the TSA Federal Air Marshal Service Needs to End

The Federal Air Marshal Service is a sensational program that steals revenue from airlines, first class upgrades from frequent flyers, makes our ticket prices higher, and actually endangers our security. Under the guise of safety, a small number of flights carry a poorly-trained, incognito ...

Further United International Expansion to Athens, Barcelona, Lisbon

On the heels of United Airlines' announcement last week that it would commence service from its San Francisco hub to Xi'an, Auckland, and Tel Aviv comes news that it will add three summer routes next year, including the resumption of service to Athens.
A United FA on Flyertalk leaked the news ...
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United Club Food Menu for Autumn 2015

Earlier this year, United Airlines announced some pretty sweet upgrades to the complimentary food menu in its airport lounges. Not that it had a choice, with Delta also enhancing its club food, but to United's credit the new offerings have been a real improvement thus far.
I was in the United ...

Key Point in New Emirates Commercial with Jennifer Aniston

Emirates paid Jennifer Aniston $5mn for its latest ad campaign, including this new 60-second commercial:

 And for more tender eyes, the non-alcoholic version:

Personally, I found the similarly-themed Etihad ad starring Nicole Kidman more professional though I had to ...

Should Kuwait Airways Be Banned from Flying to the USA?

Kuwait Airways is in some hot water over its policy not to transport Israeli citizens. After the Kuwaiti flag carrier refused to transport to Eldad Gatt, an Israeli citizen, Glatt complained to the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT). Now in a letter to Kuwait Airways, DOT has accused ...

Why You Should Visit Cuba Now

The trope goes something like this – visit Cuba now before it becomes westernized with McDonalds and Subways; before the Americans ruin it and it becomes another Caribbean dump. That’s not entirely untrue, but that’s not the real reason you should visit Cuba.
Cuba was ...
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10 Tips for Visiting Cuba

Cuba remains an incredible place to visit, even in this time of great change. Here are 10 tips for an even better trip to Cuba:

#1 Home-Stays in Cuba Are Cheap and Memorable
I booked a room on for about $4 and had a perfectly good rest in the home of a middle-class ...