Etihad Clarifies First Class Lounge Policy in a Good Way

Earlier in the month the new Etihad First Class Lounge & Spa opened in Abu Dhabi (full photo tour here). In a separate post, I wrote about the lounge access policy, telling the story of an Australian couple who put up a huge stink when they were turned away from the lounge because even ...

A KL Taxi Driver Threatened to Hurt Me for Using Uber

I was in Kuala Lumpur Tuesday night on a long layover between Malaysia Airlines flights. I needed a haircut and wanted a massage, so I hopped on the KLIA Express train to KL Sentral and there picked up an Uber to Bukit Bintang, the thriving heart of KL. The airport does have a 24-hour ...

Where in the World Am I?

I don't post the "sorry I've been busy" excuses that some travel bloggers post when they go for several days between writing. Blogging is indeed a business, but still not my primary occupation. I consider it "fun" and as a break when I am able to write.
Part of the balance of maintaining a ...

My Plan for Fixing Aeroplan

I was going to title this post "An Indictment Against Aeroplan" but I don't think anyone wants to read another list of gripes about Aeroplan's shortcomings. So Aeroplan, consider this my free consultation for how you can bring yourselves into the 21st Century and offer customers a dramatically ...
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Video: Europe in Two Minutes (Time-Lapse with 300K Photos!)

Check out this extremely well-done 4K video that combines 300,000 pictures to capture life in Europe (primarily London and Paris).
Paul Richardson collected these photos over two years and allegedly spent over 1,000 hours putting this video together. It is worth two minutes of your ...

Aeroplan Closes All Overseas Call Centers

Aeroplan, the spun-off loyalty program for Air Canada, has a Canadian call center with limited operating hours -- you can reach Aeroplan between 7am and 12am ET, seven days per week. Beyond those hours, traditionally Aeroplan had offered offshore call centers in Mexico, UK, Germany, Tokyo, and ...

Why I Love International Connections at Washington Dulles

Some airports needlessly receive a bad wrap and Washington Dulles is one of them. IAD is often attacked by United flyers for the unsightly "temporary" terminal that has now been present for more than two decades. It's true -- the United terminal is ugly -- but international connections at ...

Los Angeles to Paris in Air Tahiti Nui Business Class

My brother Andrew recently flew from Los Angeles to Paris on Air Tahiti Nui in "Poerava" business class using 57.5K American Airlines miles. I asked him to write a trip report sharing about his flight.

Gosh, I love exotic carriers flying "normal" routes.  It is the chance to try a ...

This is Why I Always Fasten Seat Belt When Seated on Airplane

Turbulence can hit unexpectedly and when it does, it can be injurious or even deadly. A recent Avianca flight from Lima to Bueons Aires encountered unexpected but severe turbulence at 41,000 feet, throwing passengers and crew across the cabin and resulting in severe injury to a pair of ...

Access Policy for Etihad First Class Lounge & Spa Abu Dhabi

25 JUNE 2016 UPDATE: Etihad is now allowing passengers into the first class lounge who arrive in first class but are connecting in business class.
Here is the bottom line--
Access to the Etihad First Class Lounge & Spa in Abu Dhabi is reserved for the following ...

Jeffrey Goh Named Star Alliance CEO

Choosing a company insider to replace retiring Mark Schwab, Star Alliance has named Jeffrey Goh its new CEO, with an appointment effective on Janauary 01, 2017.
“This early decision lays the groundwork for a smooth leadership transition at the top of the Alliance`s management ...

Review: Etihad First Class Lounge & Spa Abu Dhabi

Earlier this week Etihad Airways opened its long-awaited first class lounge in Terminal 3 in Abu Dhabi. Details are still emerging about the lounge but let not your heart be troubled -- you can find everything you need below. I spent several hours in the lounge yesterday and can answer any ...

Should I Fly the Iran Air 747SP?

I do not have many regrets in life, but three big regrets are never flying the Concorde, Boeing 707, and Lockheed L1011. Had my aviation enthusiasm begun just a couple years earlier I am certain I would have flown on all three aircraft types. Now comes another hard decision.
With most ...

United Airlines Will Unveil New Business Class Seat Today

In an event that will seemingly mimic an Apple WWDC, United Airlines CEO Oscar Munoz will hold a "major media event" this evening in New York City's Gotham Hall. Expect the unveiling of a "totally new premium product experience" including a new business class seat.
Here's what we ...

United Airlines Team USA Amenity Kits

Earlier this week I wrote about a new United Airlines safety video that celebrates United's partnership with Team USA in the Rio 2016 Summer Olympic Games. A flight attendant passed on news to me that beginning this month United will also offer passengers in United BusinessFirst, GlobalFirst special ...

New Etihad A380 Video with Nicole Kidman

Etihad is out with a new virtual reality 360º video showcasing service onboard its A380, featuring spokeswoman Nicole Kidman:

I loved flying the A380 from London to Abu Dhabi last December and will fly it again tomorrow and also have the chance to check out the brand new ...

Memorial Day 2016: United Airlines Ramp Worker Goes Extra Mile

Each year on Memorial Day in the USA I write a post that attempts to grapple with the world outside the bubble of miles and points. We live in an age of an all-volunteer army in which drones are replacing manpower and most in the West are weary of war. That should be celebrated. But we must ...

United Airlines 2016 Olympics Safety Video

United Airlines has released a new Olympic-themed safety video ahead of the 2016 Summer Olympic games in Rio.

Apparently it has been around for a few weeks, but it did not appear on any of my flights until just a couple days ago. As usual it is well done with some moments of humor. United is a perennial sponsor of Team USA but doesn't rub it in, at least until the final moments of the video.

Reflections on Captain Denny Flanagan

Captain Denny Flanagan walks out of O'Hare Airport on May 26, 2016
On Tuesday May 31, Captain Denny Flanagan will pilot his final flight for United Airlines. The four-hour flight from Seattle to Chicago will be filled with family, press, and some of his most loyal fans. I will not be on ...