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US Airways 100% Bonus on Purchased Dividend Miles Extended


US Airways has extended, perhaps for one final time, its 100% bonus on purchased miles. It appears this sale will mark the end of US Airway’s role a consolidator for premium award tickets, as word is there will never be a sale like this again. So is it time to stock up? The answer is still no.


First, make sure you get the US Airways Dividend Miles MasterCard from Barclays if you do not have one. It comes with a 40,000 miles sign-up ...

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New United Airlines Globe Surfing Commercial

United Airlines has released another commercial narrated by Matt Damon, this time highlighting United’s extensive worldwide route network from the view of a lie-flat seat…or something like that. 

It is by no means UA’s best commercial: it features a first person view staring up at many of the great cities served by United, then pans to the customer actually being supported by dozens of United employees of all stripes. As the man and his bag reach the ...

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South African Airways Award Space Again Bookable


I wrote yesterday that South African Airways award space had been unbookable for one week using miles from any Star Alliance loyalty program outside of South African Voyager. Thankfully, the space is again bookable.

The one-week hiatus of all SA space left a big hole for travel within Africa, but all space is back and appears to be what it was before, with good availability within Africa and to Brazil. Space was only bookable via phone with United and Aeroplan earlier today, but is ...

South African Airways Award Space Not Bookable


South African Airways has been a stalwart member of Star Alliance for the last eight years and offers an extensive route network within Africa and to key cities around the world from its hub in Johannesburg. Although I would never characterize award space as overly generous, some routes, like São Paulo - Jo'burg, offer excellent award space. But for reasons we have yet to find out, all SA flights are now unbookable using miles, unless you have miles in South African's own Voyager ...

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My Delayed Journey to Chicago

Fire in an FAA Facility shut down Chicago’s O’Hare and Midway airports for several hours this morning and it just so happened that I was flying from Los Angeles to Chicago this morning to speak at this weekend’s FTU Advanced. I made if safely to Chicago, in first class no less, but it took some effort!

I booked myself on the 6:44a United flight to Chicago this morning because of wi-fi. My upgrade cleared, so I was happy camper as I arrived at LAX, ready to enjoy my ...

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United Arrivals Lounge London Heathrow


United Airlines offers an arrival lounge to intercontinental business and first class passengers in its new home in Terminal 2 at London Heathrow. Open from 5am – 2pm each day, Air Canada and South African Airways also allow their business class passengers access to it.

The concept of an arrivals lounge is brilliant – even flights form the U.S. west coast are ...

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How I Almost Missed My Flight to Frankfurt

I recently made a short trip to the USA, including a visit to some dear friends in Washington, DC. I like taking the 10pm United service out of Dulles because it allows for a full day and relaxed dinner before the short overnight flight to Frankfurt, which arrives at midday – not too early, but not too late. Flying out of Dulles for more than a decade, I tend to cut if close before flights – a pattern which has led to close calls on several occasions. But nothing like this ...

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Frankfurt to San Francisco in United Airlines First Class


United Airlines CFO John Rainey made an unforced error when he told Bloomberg News that there was virtually no difference between United Airlines First Class (Global First) and Business Class (BusinessFirst). While true that the differences between first and business are muted compared to the products on some competitors, my recent flight in first class from Frankfurt to San Francisco nicely demonstrated the differences between the two cabins and the potential United is missing in not ...

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Airplane Food Delivered to Your Door!


I have a confession to make about airline meals. While most curse United Airlines for the "unchanging" "nasty" "disgusting" "tried" breakfast entrée pictured below, it is one of my favorite meals and if I had the chance to order it for home consumption, I would gladly pay for it.

Nothing like chemical-filled sausage, powdered eggs and the cheesy potato surprise to start the day! But I do love it - there is just something about it I cannot ...

9-Seat Airliner Coming to California


I have family that lives in Visalia, California and while my uncle was still alive, I made frequent trips up there - often once per month. A 3hr drive on I-5 is not a horrible thing, but the drive from LA over the Grapevine through California's Central Valley did get tedious at times. As we pulled onto CA198 we always passed Visalia Municipal Airport, and through the years I spied many different airlines operating what always turned ...

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United Cuts JFK-IAD Service, Effective October 25, 2014

Even I am not too old to remember when New York Kennedy was once a United focus city, with service to Tokyo, London, Hong Kong, Boston, Chicago, Washington, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. JFK was also once the home of UA1, United's (and PanAm's) former around-the-world service from New York - London - Delhi - Hong Kong - Los Angeles - New York that ended after 9/11. For the last several years, though, United's presence at JFK has been a shadow of what it once was and on October 25, ...

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ExpertFlyer Now Features US Airways Awards and Upgrades


While Delta Air Lines has demanded that ExpertFlyer remove not only award and upgrade info, but revenue info, the new American Airlines has moved in the opposite direction, working with ExpertFlyer to load availability for US Airways upgrade and award space. This is good news for smart travelers who value transparency on upgrades and awards.

I will be holding a seminar at the upcoming FTU Advanced in Chicago on how to use ExpertFlyer and I will be happy to demonstrate how to search ...

German Court Lifts Ban on Uber

A Frankfurt court that had banned Uber ride service from operating within Germany late last month has lifted the ban: Uber is back in business in Germany.

Uber is mobile app based ride sharing service that offers an easy way to hail a driver - all transactions are handled by credit card, no tipping, and the price often comes out cheaper than with a normal cab. I used Uber to get around London last weekend and had very good, prompt, clean, and reasonable service each time.

Not ...

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A Weekend in England with My Best Friend


I do not talk much about my friends, but you should know a little bit about John, one of my closest friends of more than 15 years. He never did especially well in high school and skipped college, but he is the shrewdest, smartest, and most successful businessman that I know. Quite frankly, who needs college when you run two businesses very well? He's a workaholic like me, but I managed to drag him out of LA for a weekend to check out England. 

The purpose of the trip, at least ...

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Tickets Available for United SFO Family Day on October 12, 2014

United Airlines hosts a Family Day at its giant maintanence center at San Francisco International Airport each autumn. In past years, select members from Flyertalk and MilePoint have been invited to attend and I have attended twice - it is a great event. This year, United has again extended an invite beyond employees and family to the greater United family--its most enthusiastic customers.

Date: Sunday October 12th Time: 11:00am to 4:30pm Location: SFO Maintenance Center

This ...

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A Note from Captain Denny Flanagan


Captain Denny Flanagan sent me the following note this morning --

My Flying Friends,   It's early morning on September 11th in Shanksville Pennsylvania. I am here with over 50 United crew members to honor the memory of the Pilots, Flight Attendants and Customers of United Flight 93. It has been 13 years since that terrible day and time makes us forget, but we should not. When you hear the Nation[al] Park Ranger tell the story of the Flight 93 coming in at a steep angle ...

When Chaos Breaks Out Onboard

One of the reasons I avoid low-cost-carriers in Europe is because of incidents like the one captured on the video below:

Flights within Europe on carriers like Ryanair can be very inexpensive if you buy early or buy at the right time and that attracts the clientele seen in the above video (among others).

> Read More: The Ryanair Experience - Frankfurt Hahn to Pisa

What would you do in a similar circumstance? There is a thin line in which revelers having a good ...

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September 2014 Flying Blue Promo Awards for November + December Travel


Air France/KLM Flying Blue has released its Promo Awards for September 2014 and the pickings continue to get slimmer for business class deals between North America and Europe. This month, there is not a single city 50% off or even 25% off business class space in North America - the closest business class sale is Panama City.

But a 25K r/t economy class award is nothing to scoff at if you live in Detroit (Detroit - Tel Aviv or anywhere in Europe for 50K r/t is about as cheap as it can ...

Up to 100% Bonus on Purchased US Airways Miles - 7 Tips and Tricks


US Airways is once again running a 100% bonus on purchased miles through September 30, 2014. Every other month US Airways has been running this promotion, but I would not expect it to last - I sense an imbalance in supply and demand that will be solved through a dramatic award chart devaluation coupled with a further increase in the cost of miles once the merger with American Airlines is complete. But for now, US Airways Dividend ...

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Kidnapping Forces United Flight from Washington to Beijing to Divert


I love the movie Argo, which tells the story of how Canada and CIA operative Tony Mendez smuggled out a cadre of six U.S. diplomats from Tehran during the Iran Hostage Crisis. In the gripping conclusion (full of artistic embellishment but nevertheless riveting), hearts pound as the Swissair 747 bound for Zürich gently ascends out of Mehrabad Airport to the consternation of the Revolutionary Guard and continue to pound until the aircraft safely leaves Iranian airspace. But ...

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