$60 Off Lufthansa, United, Austrian, and Air Canada Flights ex-USA

Save $60 on your next Lufthansa ticket originating in the United States by requesting a free voucher here.


Note the highlights of the fine print:

  1. The voucher can be redeemed between 25/05/2012 and 31/05/2012.
  2. Travel must be between 12/08/2012 and 12/09/2012.
  3. Vouchers are only valid for itineraries where all flights are operated by Lufthansa and Lufthansa Regional Partner (incl. Lufthansa City Line and Eurowings).
  4. The voucher is only valid for flights departing in United States of America.
  5. Vouchers are valid for travel between August 12, 2012 through September 12, 2012
  6. Travel must be completed before September 12, 2012
  7. Vouchers are valid for flights operated by United Airlines, Austrian Airlines and Air Canada

#3 clearly contradicts #7, so I put the voucher to the test:


#7 wins out--you can apply the voucher to United, Austrian, and Air Canada flights as well.

Keep in mind that you will not enter the voucher code until you get to the final purchase screen.

Next, I thought that if this works on United flights to Germany, might it also work on domestic flights? Think about it--buy a $120 r/t from Los Angeles to San Francisco and take $60 off?

Unfortunately, no--I tried it on a couple routes including Los Angeles-New York below and the voucher would not work. Still, there is nothing in terms and conditions that specify it can only be applied toward an intercontinental trip. Does Lufthansa have a web support line? ;)

In all seriousness, find a Lufthansa-coded United domestic flight bookable on united.com and I bet the voucher would take. I will keep looking and post an update if I have success. Please do the same in the comments section below.


The narrow window of validity makes this coupon one that I will likely not be able to use, but I hope some of you can take advantage of it.


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