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50,000 Miles for a Continental MasterCard

While this deal has been floating around the travel blogosphere all week, it is noteworthy enough to mention here.

Chase is offering 50,000 Continental bonus miles for signing up for their MasterCard OnePass credit card. Even better, the miles post after your first purchase--there is no minimum spending requirement. And there's no annual fee the first year.

And still better,  CO's Mile-a-thon offer is coming up. If you hold off for a bit and sign up under that offer, you may earn 5,000 additional miles to fund your next award trip! Remember, Continental and United accounts are slated to be merged at the end of the year, so this deal is lucrative to United flyers as well.

If you recently signed up for a CO card under their 25,000 miles promotion, don't pound your head against the wall: there is still a chance you can get the additional 25,000 miles. As Ben reported, a simple call or e-mail to Chase may get you those extra bonus miles.

(tip of the hat to Gary)

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