How to Remember 9-11-01 Today

We've come a long way in the last fifteen years. So far that a mattress store in Texas felt this was an appropriate ad--

and a Florida Walmart set up a Coca-Cola display like this--

I think that sort of thing would have been unheard of even a few years ago.
But perhaps ...

American Airlines Adds Service from Dallas to Rome and Amsterdam

American Airlines is adding flights to Rome and Amsterdam from its Dallas-Fort Worth hub, with seasonal service set to begin in May 2017 on both routes.
What we know about the new American Airlines DFW to FCO/AMS Flights
Boeing 777-200 aircraft from Dallas (DFW) to Rome ...

United Airlines Boasts of Its Great Summer

United Airlines claims it just had its "best summer every in company history" for on-time performance. To demonstrate, it presents this infographic:

(click to enlarge)
And indeed, the numbers look great. In my own United flying I encountered few delays (other than an airport ...

Can You Use United Miles to Cuba?

On November 29, 2016 United will resume service to Havana, with daily non-stop service from Newark Liberty and weekly service (Saturdays) from Houston. The new flights are already bookable on and prices are very reasonable, with business class tickets cheaper than what charter ...

Photo Tour: Turkish Airlines Lounge Washington Dulles

Turkish Airlines is celebrating the grand opening of its Washington Dulles lounge today. My brother Andrew happened to be flying through IAD today and provided the following feedback:
The lounge is great! A bubbling Turkish man warmly welcomed me into the lounge with a glass of ...

United Gate Agent Caught Stealing $130K Worth of Passenger Jewelry

He's no Frank Abagnale, Jr.
A United Airlines gate agent in Denver has been charged with felony theft for stealing $130K of jewelry from a passenger's bag, including a pearl encrusted bracelet and diamond earrings.
The passenger was traveling from Aspen to Denver and somehow ...

My Advice to KLM

Dear KLM,
You've got a new ad-campaign out called "KLM — It’s An Airline" that seeks to be light-hearted and humorous while introducing your airline to some who think your brand is a tennis shoe or ice cream company. 
You have several videos that are somewhat cute (I did ...

When Will American and Delta Learn?

Two carriers, two unannounced devaluations effective immediately.
Using your miles and points may be easier than ever before but it will cost you like never before. The bottom line is this: don't trust the airlines and always consider your points as a depreciating asset.
Issue One: Delta ...
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Victory Day on Turkish Airlines

August 30th is Victory Day (Zafer Bayramı) in Turkey, a national holiday to "commemorate the victory in the Battle of Dumlupınar, one of the final and the most decisive battles in the Turkish War of Independence in 1922." In light of the failed coup attempt in July, the celebration ...
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Buy a United 747 on eBay!

United's first 747-400 was retired in 2014 and sent to the boneyard in 2015. Now you can own it for $300K.
Appearing on eBay, we see a cabin still filled with economy, business, and first class seats as well as galley equipment and a cockpit, though it appears the auction is for the ...

Let's Give Scott Kirby a Chance

Scott Kirby made the odd pivot from President of American Airlines to President of United Airlines yesterday. Walking away with a $13MN severance package from AA without a non-compete clause, he has already begun work for United, where he will ...
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Why American's New Ad Campaign Fails

American Airlines is out with a new ad campaign, asserting that "World’s Greatest Flyers" (the tagline of the campaign) choose to fly AA. The intent behind the new campaign is laudable--
American Airlines’ new ad campaign celebrates people from all walks of life – our ...

The Real Reason LAX is Still a United Hub

A spirited discussion commenced last week on the hub status of United Airlines at Los Angeles International Airport. I argued that LAX remained both a de facto and de jure United hub while Cranky argued that United had abandoned LAX as a hub.
We parsed stats including service reductions, ...

Approved for the Chase Sapphire Reserve!

I see now many of the bloggers are on their post-approval victory laps, but I figured I'd throw in my approval story for the Chase Sapphire Reserve as well.
Turns out I could have applied online, but I took the more conservative route and applied at my bank yesterday morning. The object was to ...

New IMAX Trailer for Captain Sully Movie

It has all the makings of a good film -- directed by Clint Eastwood and starring Tom Hanks -- and a new IMAX preview for Sully, which portrays the crash landing and subsequent investigation over US Airways 1549, is out.

For reference, the first trailer is here--

The film ...

Lost Cat Turns Up on Air Canada Flight

Have you ever heard a flight attendant come down the aisle asking, "Has anyone seen a cat?”
I haven't either, but I wasn't on Air Canada Flight 189 from Ottawa to Vancouver earlier this week, where about 20 minutes prior to landing a FA did utter those very words.
But that unusual ...
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Priority Pass Guest Access with Chase Sapphire Reserve

Chase has been as clear as mud when it comes to whether the Priority Pass Select membership included with the Chase Sapphire Reserve allows only complimentary cardmember access (like Priority Pass Select via American Express) or complimentary access for two guests (like Priority Pass ...

How Would You Handle a Harassing Seatmate?

There is a story trending about a woman who was traumatized on a British Airways flight by a man behind who "refused" to let her recline. After physical and verbal assault, she finally spoke to the crew and was upgraded from premium economy to business class. Tiffany covers it nicely here and ...

Is the Chase Sapphire Reserve Worthwhile?

The blogosphere has exploded with posts about the new Chase Sapphire Reserve card and I would not begrudge you for wondering whether the card is worth securing or just a marketing ploy from bloggers either trying to generate affiliate revenue or hoping to one day secure affiliate links. Believe me, ...