Yeah, This S*#t Just Happened -- #epicfail

So, on the 7th of December, I will be in San Francisco and I need to see a client in San Diego for a day.  Let me be clear from the outset: what I just did is not about me be disgruntled with Delta (even though I am).  It's about only being in San Francisco and only needing to be San Diego during the day, about catching my previously scheduled DL flight to Atlanta at 7 the next morning, about not wanting to pay for a hotel, and about having the most uninterrupted sex possible over the previous weekend.  There is no conceivable way to achieve all those things by going through SLC, or using Alaska through LAX, or just Alaska to LAX and driving.  So now I am clearly screwed and forced to break my allegiances.

I went to the Virgin America site to look for flights, and discovered that the first flight out to San Diego is at 10:50 AM, which is way too late for me.  I now realize I am screwed, because I will not be flying Southwest.  I begrudgingly book a one-way return from San Diego for the late evening.  I might add that the website was easy to use, and Fozz told me it might be fairly easy to get an upgrade for $60 at the 24 hour window, so I booked main cabin for $55.  I was surprised that I couldn't download an ICal file, though.

I now realize that my whole life is about to change, and that I am, for lack of any way to describe it, fucked.

I log in to the United site and create an account and profile, and associate my CO Platinum number with the account.  That's right, I have a CO Platinum number, and a BMI Gold number, so suck it.  For $55 dollars, I book the 6 AM outbound.  At that point, I threw up a little bit in my mouth.

So Fozz also tells me that I might be able to get an E+ seat on this flight.  I call the number that the 1Ks use, and the woman is very nice, and she acknowledges that I am Star Gold, but tells me she can't get access to the E+ inventory for me.  (Not that it matters for a one hour flight, but it would be nice).  She tells me I can pay the $14 or I can wait and try at the airport.  I then call the main number, and the guy tries, but ends up telling me it isn't available for me.

If anyone has a good idea on how I can get E+ without paying $14 (not that I care about the $14, I just want the seat for free), let me know.  I'm now off to kill myself.


Mike November 29, 2009 at 04:47 pm

Wow - looks like the Mayans were wrong about the end of the world in 2012. Looks like its today instead.

Hunter November 29, 2009 at 04:49 pm

As an update, I said fuck it and called back and paid $14 for the upgrade to E+. Riddle me this, batman: why did the website ( try to charge me $24 to go to E+, and the 1K line only wanted to charge me $14?