The Senators of Munich

lufthansa-lounge Lufthansa has a variety of offerings for the lounge-ready crowd at Munich Airport.  Terminal 2, which contains all of the Star Alliance airlines, in split into Schengen and non-Schengen areas.  In the non-Schengen area, there are three lounges: Senator, Business, and First Class.  From mid-May of this year until September, these lounges are undergoing renovation and are closed.  As I've never been involved with any Star airline on a long distance flight, I did not visit these lounges prior to their closure.  

In the Schengen area, there are five lounges: First Class, a Senator Cáfe, a Business Lounge, and two Senator Lounges.  The First Class lounge is beyond the scope of this article, so we'll launch right in to the others.  As a caveat, access regulations are here.  In short, access is permitted with a same day boarding pass on a Star flight, on departure only, with one companion for Star Gold members, and one companion plus children under 18 for Senators.  Business Class passengers should check the rules before attempting access.

The "main" non-Schengen Senator Lounge is attached to the Business Lounge, and is across from gate G28.  The lounge is large, has multiple TVs, and a number of work areas.  There are a handful of private booths, and a large number of cubicle style workstations.  This lounge has an ample selection of newspapers in all languages, and a few magazines in English and German.  As mentioned in my previous post, Wi-Fi is now at a charge, but in a few days, will be free for all who have access to the lounge.  While this is a good-sized lounge, it is the first destination that most cardholders head to, and it can become crowded.  The Senator Cáfe and other Senator Lounge are good alternatives on IROPS days and at other times when the lounge fills.  The food here is excellent: a large selection of breads / rolls, soup, German meatloaf, risotto or another warm dish, chips, cookie and cake deserts, and other items.  It isn't just a lounge meal - it is a full meal.

The entrance to the main non-Schengen lounge is the same as the entrance to the Business Lounge.  Typically, when accessing this lounge, Star Gold and Senator card carriers will be immediately pointed to the left (downstairs), into the Senator area.  The entrance also contains the help desk, which is shared between Senator and Business.  Upstairs, in the Business Lounge, the amenities are similar, but the food is significantly scaled down, and the size is somewhat smaller.  Star Gold members should always insist on access to the Senator area.  

Another option is the Senator Cáfe, which is roughly one third the size of the main lounge.  The food is scaled back - and less hot food is available.  It feels more like a true cáfe, and lacks workstation areas.  There is, however, a coffee barista makes an assortment of drinks that I have no interest in, as I am not a hipster.  Access is not across from, but immediately adjacent to, gate G28.  Outside of the food, layout, and workspace differences, this lounge offers essentially the same amenities as the main lounge.

The final lounge is a Senator lounge across from gate G24.  This is your best alternative to the main lounge when things are busy.  The G24 lounge is a smaller carbon-copy of the main lounge, with identical amenities, plus the coffee bar that you would see in the Senator Cáfe.  On IROPS days, it can be the only place to get any peace.

I don't know that the women of South Africa get enough attention.  So Candice Swanepoel, take us out:


Lounge photo courtesy of schuey


inflight dish July 18, 2011 at 12:19 pm

I had a lovely beer/liverwurst/pretzel breakfast in MUC last week on my way to SJJ. I'll be having lunch there Wednesday on my way to KBP. This post makes choosing a preferred beer oasis a much easier chore! MUC is fun.