The Quick Delta Update

Update Jan 13: See bottom of post.

Just a few quick things for the new year:

  • Delta got its single operating certificate on the first day of this year.  Hopefully the merger speed will increase.  Read more here.
  • The mobile version of is still *thoroughly* busted.  The certificate is invalid for the site, but at least they have taken away many of the broken links, and the mobile check-in section now links to a "this doesn't work yet" page.  I realize that I oversimplify the IT world, but how long does it really take to get this working?  You can still see current mileage balances at the mobile NWA site, which will surely be coming down soon.  On top of that, when you check in online, make sure you check the box to get an e-mail / SMS / whatever sent to your phone with the boarding pass link.  Sadly, it doesn't look like you can get a duplicate message sent if you accidentally delete the first one.
  • A lovely lady at CVG reservations told me (like I didn't already know) that Diamond Medallion credentials will be mailed off in February, and become effective March 1 (at the Medallion expiration cycle).  She read it right off the screen, so it must be true, right?
  • On behalf of my outstanding readers, I asked about the cost for a spouse membership - for a Diamond Medallion member - to the Sky Club.  Spouse memberships have traditionally been $200 more than the cost for just the Skymiles member.

Dear Mr. Hughes,

Thank you for contacting us through We are sorry for the delay in responding to your message.

Yours will be complimentary.  At this time, any discount for a spouse has not been addressed.  I will pose the question to the Sky Club desk for review and get back with you if I am given any information.

We appreciate your business and look forward to seeing you on your next Delta flight.

(Name Redacted)
Medallion Desk

Glad you folks thought that one out.  Thanks so much.

On a more pleasant note, relating to my " has gone off the rails" post, just kicked me in the ass again - advertising a flight that I booked as "Upgrade Available", letting me choose an F seat on an M fare, and then promptly pushing me back into coach after the purchase.  I called SMS, and the representative called a supervisor, who not only processed the upgrade on the outbound, but also on the inbound, which is beyond the 5 day window.  Maybe this Diamond status will, in fact, mean something.  We'll see.

Update Jan 13: I finally received a response from the SkyClub, it reads:

Dear Mr. Hughes,

Below is the response from the SkyClub desk.

Diamond Medallion does not begin until 3/1/2010. To add a spouse for a one-year membership it is $200.

We appreciate your business and look forward to seeing you on your next Delta flight.

(Name Redacted)
Medallion Desk

Well there you have it. Thanks soooo much for this special benefit.


Mike January 5, 2010 at 10:01 am

Hi Hunter,

Congrats on making Diamond but are you only getting benefits for less than a year since they don't start until March 1? Seems kind of Delta-ish to me to screw you out of two months of benefits just because they are not ready.


Hunter: I'm impressed with Delta's e-mail response. Would never happen with UA...

Hunter January 6, 2010 at 10:47 am

@Mike: The benefit cycle at Delta is March 1 through March 1, so I will be getting the benefit for a year. If you don't have status and make it before the end of the year, you get the remaining months until the cycle starts on March 1 of every year.

@Matthew: I don't know which is worse - getting useless answers (DL) or no answer at all (UA)...

So what now?