The Problem With a Certain Arabic Poem

Today I present a story that should indulge those who continue to bash me.  You should revel in the excellence I am about to present.

If you haven't read Layla and Majnun, I highly encourage doing so.  The problem, though, is that Majnun let that bitch Layla drive him into a state of madness.  I would have much preferred the story if he had beat her to death with a hookah, or whatever implements were available at the time.  At least we got an epic album out of that mess.

How does this apply?  I got a call today "eliminating" the need for me to be in San Francisco this coming weekend.  So as it turns out, I now how a non-refundable ticket on UA that I didn't need to buy.  I could have just gone in a day early to San Diego and stayed somewhere cheap.   I'm going to rinse my mouth out with buckshot now.  As it would turn out, Donald Rumsfeld was wrong - it is the known unknowns that kick us when we are already down.  Lesson to you young people: don't let anyone - no matter how hot she is - force you to change your plans if it compromises who you are.

But, when my life goes to hell, I like to turn it around by bringing happiness to others.  So I present the poll below.  Also, send me your flight attendant pictures.  Quickly.



If One Of These Women Could Be Your Next Flight Attendant (my vote to Jenn Brown who also hosts Bikini Destinations Bora Bora )

Erin Andrews Jenn Brown
Holly Madison Carrie Underwood