Smokers of the World Unite - Part I

In the first of what will be a series of smokers-aide postings that I'll be doing, here's a focus point on smoking in Delta hubs.  I'll focus on other legacy airline hubs and popular cities in later postings.  If I've made a mistake here, or you have further information, please add it to the comments and I'll update the post.  Thanks.


  • Concourse T: Between T3 and T4, and between T12 and T13.  The latter is super convenient for the AA and UA crowd.
  • Concourse A: MOVED.  Now within the Budweiser Brewhouse, but a separate facility - like all ATL smoking lounges, no purchase required.  This is a long walk from the end of the wings, and a major pain in the ass.
  • Concourse B: In the center of both wings.  Can't be missed.  Very convenient. 
  • Concourse C: In the center of both wings.  Can't be missed.  Very convenient.
  • Concourse D: At the "Juke Joint" adjacent to D9.  Unknown if purchase is required.  If you're in this concourse, you're flying a crappy airline, and you don't deserve to smoke, anyway.
  • Concourse E: All three wings.  Somewhat hidden, put super convenient.


Absolutely no smoking anywhere at any time.  Tip: even if your flight is at terminal three, the lines are always shorter through security at two.  Come in through two and walk through the tunnel to get to three.


Concourse A near Gate A-2 and in Concourse B near the food court.  Some bars and restaurants also offer smoking.


Every concourse has a lounge, and they are inevitably at the tail end.  Smoking lounges typically close for 15 minutes for cleaning, four times per day, and concourses are somewhat of a distance from each other, so don't hestitate if you have a tight connection.  Two adjacent concourses never have a smoking lounge closed at the same time.


Same New York problem.  No tips.  Just get outside.


Like the fantastic people that the French are, no smoking anywhere.  This is perhaps the biggest pain in the ass airport in the world, but you can get in and out in 20 minutes (terminal 2) during non-peak times.


Completely banned.


34 areas within the two terminals.


No options.  All rooms and SkyClub smoking areas are long closed.


  • McNamara Terminal - Fox Skybox, Detroit 500 (purchase required)
  • North Terminal - Nothing
  • Unclear if SkyClub Smoking Room is still open