Schau mir in die Augen: A Message for Delta

I know the ladies love a good quickie, so I'm back for two of them.  This post is the first.

Mike was nice enough to send me the following links:

  • Delta Airlines finds lost puppy
  • Kitten freezes to death after Delta Airlines flight
  • Army officer's dog lost by Delta Airlines ends up dead
  • Delta Airlines and lost dogs

It's unforgivable the way Delta handles animals, but I've reached my limit with the apparent blatant disregard that Delta has for animal life.  I've stood by these people for over thirty years, despite the international upgrade problem, the difficult merger, and the various other issues that have grated all of us.

The train is pulling into the station.  I've finally got plenty of opportunities to change, and I'm likely to use them.  If Delta doesn't significantly decrease the body count by the end of the year, I'm going to Star.  Enough is enough.  I encourage you to do the same.  Don't support a company that can't sufficiently protect animals in transport.  Don't support a company that has made no significant effort to fix the problem. 

I'll be measuring improvement by the body count for the year, and any steps that they publicize to fix the problem.  My decision on their progress will, by nature, be somewhat arbitrary, but anyone with half a functioning hemisphere can figure out if they are improving. 

A popular phrase in Germany - when defending animals - is to ask a person to "schau den Tieren in die Augen," or look the animals in the eye.  Make Delta "schau den Tieren in die Augen".  It's past time.

Good to see all of you.  Have a fantastic Tuesday.  And pick up In The Dark from The Whigs, as well as Sugar from Dead Confederate.  You won't regret it (unless you suck).