Munich's SkyTeam Options

munich-airport As one might expect in a non-hub city, Munich's airport does not cater well to the SkyTeam world.  Terminal 2 is dominated by Lufthansa and Star Alliance - and the amenities are good.  The post-security shopping is ample, there are an ample number of restaurants and bars, good lounges (as will be covered in another post), and bountiful smoking "shacks".  Free newspapers and coffee are available to everyone at stations throughout the post-security area.

On the other hand, Terminal 1 might as well be called "the desert of nothing".  The basic rules are as follows:

  • Smoke before you go in - there is no post-security smoking in T1.
  • Buy anything you need before you go in - the shops are small and have functionally nothing you need.
  • The bars and restaurants are few and far between in post-security T1.

You are best served taking care of everything you need in Munich Airport Central - between the two terminals - prior to boarding.  There is, however, no difficulty getting in and out should you want to head to the curb (as opposed to airports like Dublin, where it is almost impossible to get outside once you are in).  The security lines are often short and without hassle.  

There are two lounges of note in T1 for SkyTeam people: the Air France lounge, and the BA lounge.  The Air France lounge is available to SkyTeam Elite Plus members or Business Class passengers on any SkyTeam flight prior to departure.  The BA lounge is a Galleries Club lounge and is available to Delta flyers on the Atlanta flight who are in Business Elite or who hold SkyTeam Elite Plus status (Diamond, Platinum, and Gold Medallion).  I use the Air France lounge for all flights except to Atlanta, where I use BA.  The arrangement with BA is somewhat new, and I have no idea as to why it was established when the Air France lounge was already there.

In my experience, the AF lounge is exactly what you can expect from them (and many other airlines) in a non-hub airport.  Newspapers and magazines in English, German, and French are available, as well as the normal "very-light" snack selection.  The alcoholic and non-alcoholic drink selection is standard, and Wi-Fi is available from at a charge.  Several computers are available.  The lounge is unbearably small, though, and the restroom facilities are outside.

BA has a similar lounge, but the food selection is much, much, better, albeit without any hot food.  Wi-Fi is also available at a charge in this lounge, but the newspaper and magazine selection is better.  

Speaking of Munich, may I present Julia Stegner:


Munich aiport creative commons attribution image credit: yisris