So I've been a little absent for a while...

The reason behind my absence isn't a "hatred for Ben", a dislike of the direction of the site, or anything else related to Upgrd.

I've been pouring everything I had into keeping the business I started eight years ago from floating.  Sadly, September 10th was the end, as there was not enough cash to stay alive in a struggling economy.  The fact that my life's dream has tanked still hasn't quite set in.  The hardest part was laying off the employees.  I've been on both sides of the desk in that situation, and trust me when I tell you that the employer side is a much worse place to be.  I ran into burning buildings for 10 years of my life, and it never compared to how I felt when I was making people redundant.

For a variety of reasons, I'm going to be heading out and jumping off the grid pretty soon - 4 weeks, give or take.  As part of that process, I will be cutting ties with the vast majority of my life, including Upgrd.  There's no warrant out for my arrest, and I'm not in any kind of trouble - but it's time to move on.

With that in mind, I'd like to offer up a few thanks:

My appreciation for everyone who read my articles and listened to me on the podcast is never-ending.  All of the comments, whether phrased as criticism or praise, were helpful to everyone involved with the shows and the blogs.  I appreciated every one of them.

My thanks go out to everyone involved in the show.  Ben, Matthew, and Matt - thanks for the opportunity to work with you, and the opportunity to yell at you on a regular basis.  Fozz and Mike, I extend the same thanks to you, and I will never be able to repay you for what you did for my company.  Mike, the opportunity that you presented me with was one in a million, and I owe you for it.  I also want to thank Bobby, Sara, and all the folks at The Crew Lounge for inviting me to join them on a regular basis. 

And my parting suggestions:

I talk about Deadspin a lot, and they have a sister site called Jalopnik that covers cars, planes, etc.  When you get there, search for keyword "planelopnik".  They do some great stuff there.

Check out the Delta Air Transport Heritage Museum the next time you have a few minutes in Atlanta.  Hours and location are on the website, and if you have a reasonable layover, it's worth seeing.  The museum is no Smithsonian, but it's a great review of Delta (and other airline) history, and there is no admission charge.  Tour the Spirit if you can.  Make sure you give them a heads up with a phone call that you are coming, even if it's only a 5 minute warning - you'll get into the Delta headquarters much, much faster.

You probably already know this, but there are two great places - that I know of - to watch jets take off and land.  The park next to Reagan airport in Arlington (awesome jet blast), and south of the San Francisco airport along the bay.  There are great waterside restaurants at the latter location, and they all have awesome views.

Finally, if you are in the market for any IT stuff, check out our auctions under seller DCM8OJT on Ebay.  I'm also about to sell a ton of music gear, TVs, cars, etc.  Think of your house being put up for sale - at low, low prices.  E-mail me within the next couple of weeks if interested.

And my parting gift:


Tiffany Livingston

Kelly Brook


You will be missed buddy.

David September 12, 2010 at 04:42 pm

Never heard of Tiffany Livingston before. But is this parting message from Hunter and her arrest for trying to escape from a plane somehow related to one another?

Hunter September 12, 2010 at 04:46 pm

I only wish, chief. I only wish.

Charles September 12, 2010 at 06:32 pm

From another DELTA man, I say you will be missed! Good Luck!