Has Gone Off The Rails

I've often times defended the Delta website - my bad.

Let me lay out the scenario for you:

I need to see a client in San Diego for 1 day during the week of December 6th, and I just found that out.  Since I just got ass-fucked on paying two B fares for a separate trip, I figured I would try my luck.  I used the following as my search criteria:

I was then presented with the following train wreck:

Anyone who knows me knows I'm not cheap.  And for one day, a multi stop connection doesn't make sense.  But the interesting part is that all three flights on the Multi-Stop show not eligible for upgrade.  This would seem to make no sense, as the non-stops show Request Only (which is normal for M fares at >5 days for a platinum).  To see how big of a problem we were dealing with, I looked at the flights in the Multi Stop, and the first flight (at the time of this post) has NO ONE in first class.  The next two flights may have one or two people in the cabins.

After that search, I took a look at the "I'm Flexible" option, which pulled a variety of itineraries on different days - but the result was always the same: Non-Stop and One-Stop with Request Only, and Multi-Stop with Not Eligible.  ALL of the flights I'm looking at have F cabins.

Because I'm just generally pissed, I called, and they transferred me to the helpdesk, which might as well be called "We're a Bunch of Monkeys Chained to Phones".  After 10 minutes of research they confirmed a "system error" and offered to book the Multi-Stop for me and put the upgrade requests in.  Thanks, jackasses.

I'm not much for conspiracy theories, but with this being the time of year that everyone tends to "top off" for elite status, is this possibly intentional?  Are they trying to make people who are getting miles for elite status and nothing else miserable by keeping them in the back?

What the hell?


Sam November 26, 2009 at 02:36 am

I too have tried to defend DL in the past, but they have simply pissed me off too many times. If they don't get JAL, i'm gone!!!