Breaking Rumor from Lufthansa

Today, in a Senator's Lounge in Munich, I decided to chat up a cute-enough agent to try to get free Wi-Fi.  In the German Senator's Lounges, Wi-Fi is free to First Class and Hon Circle members, and pay access for everyone else.  T-Mobile runs the service, and it is priced much like it was when Delta, United, and American were charging for the service in the US.

Here's the conversation, translated from German:

Me: Hi there, gorgeous.  Is Wi-Fi free for Star Gold members?

Her: (laughs)  Aren't you sweet?  Sadly, it's still with a credit card.  But starting July 1st, throughout the German lounges, Wi-Fi will be free for everyone.

Me: Really?  What about in the US?

Her: Unfortunately, I don't know.  But I know it will be free in Germany.

Me: For everyone?  Really?

Her: Yes.  For everyone in the lounge.

So there you go.  You heard it here first, unless someone else already reported it.  I haven't seen anything about this on line, and I'm too elitist to go looking.  This may make no difference to you, but frankly, for those of us in Germany, it was a little overwhelming to pay the insane Wi-Fi charges to T-Mobile.  It's also somewhat surprising, as generally, to get out of a contract with Deutsche Telekom (or any company in Germany), you generally need to leave a dead horse head in the bed of the contract writer.

Per Matt, Wi-Fi is already free for everyone in the US Senator's Lounges.


Joelfreak June 24, 2011 at 07:40 pm

Yes, but the annoying thing is when in the US lounges, you always geolocate to Germany. So if you use it for any service that locates you, it ALWAYS sends you to the German site, even if you are sitting in the US. Many things get blocked or charged differently when that happens...Also, if you run a traceroute, you will see your routing actually GOES via Germany, so if you are looking for anything low latency, your out of luck.

Are you kidding me - is this a Site to Site VPN with a full reroute to DE? Are these people insane?

Nick June 25, 2011 at 11:52 am

Are they insane, no. This actually smacks of laziness from T-Mobile for not putting one German authentication server in their US operations to handle the traffic from LH. Because they did not set the server up, they went the lazy route of tunneling all of the data from the LH lounges over to the proper server. Less work on an individual lounge level, but more work to handle all of the lounges, but they were not thinking when implementing their scheme.