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Delta and The Lesson of Picking Battles

I'll readily admit that I wasn't aware of the controversy with Saudi Arabian and SkyTeam until very recently.  I was reading the Delta Blog entry about fleet updates when I...


US Air: Where Dignity Goes to Die

No one on this site caught this besides me? Seriously?


Breaking Rumor from Lufthansa

Today, in a Senator's Lounge in Munich, I decided to chat up a cute-enough agent to try to get free Wi-Fi.  In the German Senator's Lounges, Wi-Fi is free to First Class an...


Amenities Update for DL

Delta has thrown up a cool web page showing the progress of all the amenity updates - flat bed seating, in-seat entertainment in Y, Wi-Fi, etc.  The link is:


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Delta Makes Good

Update: See comments 1 and 2 below for a possible explanation of what happened here.

About six months ago, I posted about the use of DL SWUs on AF ...


The Return of Majnun

Majnun (Arabic: مجنون): "madman"

It’s been a long time, folks, but today, I emerge from hiding and return to enlighten you with the stories of my travels.&nbs...