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Another exciting day in the ATL

Today being my birthday, I thought I might reflect a little on how much Atlanta sucks.  I'm pretty much stuck here for 60% of my life because I have a lot of business here.  In this economy, it's great to have work, but for the love of God, why couldn't it be anywhere else?

That said the 10 day advance purchase with holiday blackouts sale out of Atlanta is on until October ...

Changing Times and Crappy Technology

It would appear that the WorldPerks program is gone.  I'm enjoying it mostly because I know that Ben is now a SkyMiles member, and that just makes me laugh.

It would appear that things are significantly different on the Delta and NWA sites - like no more WorldPerks login.  I'm also getting harassed every five seconds about giving them an e-mail address by way of popups.  ...

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Fall means a lot of things for me - the first that always comes to mind is the Baseball Playoffs.  I can't fully commit to the NFL until the World Series ends.

Perhaps more important, though, in the overall scheme of things, is the significance of October as Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  I'm a little biased on this issue - when I was a seventeen year old young man, ...

The Impending Demise of Airport Smoking and a Little Planeguage

About a month ago, ATL closed it's smoking lounges on either side of the A-concourse, and replaced them with a lounge on the second floor of A.  T, B, C, D, and E appear to be unaffected.  The good side is that the smoke smell in the terminal is better controlled.  The bad side is that the lounge is difficult to get to if you are in a hurry or on the far end of the ...

My version of nostalgia

So I found an interesting article at  It's a few years old, but to paraphrase, they ranked the top ten airlines for hot flight attendants:

Virgin Atlantic Thai Southwest Qantas Hooters Air (defunct) Gulf Air Cathay Pacific All Nippon Air New Zealand Air France

The ...

PDX-NRT, and other ways to waste your money

While I'm not a huge fan of mileage runs for the sake of mileage runs, you might want to take a look at capping off for the end of the year.

DL has announced $439 each way from Portland to Narita, and while that isn't the greatest deal ever, with repositioning costs, it might be worth your while, especially with the lax rules associated with the fare.  JFK, however, may make more ...

The real problem with Delta

I say a lot of good stuff about Delta.  Maybe too much.  They do a lot of impressive things, though:

Unlimited Complimentary Upgrades for all medallion members with no point / certificate / whatever requirements on all F class markets (except Hawaii, waaahh). Cool technology like GIDS and the most aggressive in-flight Wifi and IFE programs in the industry. A ...

Welcome, bitzatches

Hello faithful followers of the gospel of Hunter.  You've reached the little corner of the interwebs that stays focused on:

Delta worship (or hating), My opinions on great looking women in the travel industry, and All kinds of other stuff that you have better things to do than read about.

So a little about me:
I grew up in Atlanta, and later lived in ...

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