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The Evil Union Strikes Again - Literally

Not that you would be getting this from here first, but just in case:

The evil union of flight attendants at BA has voted to strike from 22. December to 2. January.  Way to ruin everyone's Christmas, you assholes. 

The general statement can be found here, rebooking information here, and a message from the CEO here.  The general message - if you have BA flight ...

I Feel "Tiger Woods Dirty"

Yeah, I did what I never wanted to do, but it wasn't as bad as I thought. 

Here are my thoughts:

1) The RCC product is a tie with the SkyClub product in my opinion.  Both the SFO and SAN RCCs were very nice and had a better food selection than the SkyClub.  The RCC people seemed very indifferent about customers, though, and the no free drinks thing was an ...

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No, I Actually Wasn't Kidding

And, I'll tell you what else sucks:  I logged into my UA account, and while I could see the itinerary, I couldn't check in without entering the confirmation number / last name thing.  Presumably because this trip is tagged to my CO number.  But that still sucks, especially because I booked the trip on

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Thoughts on Making a Change

On a side note, are you Carrie Underwood fans really going to let Jenn Brown's people kick your ass?  Seriously?

So it shouldn't be a shock that I've been thinking about making some changes to my carrier choices for some time now.  I've got Delta Platinum (soon to be Diamond), Continental Platinum, and BMI Gold.  The last two are from status matches I've made in the past ...

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The Problem With a Certain Arabic Poem

Today I present a story that should indulge those who continue to bash me.  You should revel in the excellence I am about to present.

If you haven't read Layla and Majnun, I highly encourage doing so.  The problem, though, is that Majnun let that bitch Layla drive him into a state of madness.  I would have much preferred the story if he had beat her to death with a ...

Yeah, This S*#t Just Happened -- #epicfail

So, on the 7th of December, I will be in San Francisco and I need to see a client in San Diego for a day.  Let me be clear from the outset: what I just did is not about me be disgruntled with Delta (even though I am).  It's about only being in San Francisco and only needing to be San Diego during the day, about catching my previously scheduled DL flight to Atlanta at 7 the next ...

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I've often times defended the Delta website - my bad.

Let me lay out the scenario for you:

I need to see a client in San Diego for 1 day during the week of December 6th, and I just found that out.  Since I just got ass-fucked on paying two B fares for a separate trip, I figured I would try my luck.  I used the following as my search criteria:

I was ...

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Weekend Round Up, or Why #failgate Is My New Friend

(Title - in part - courtesy of Deadspin.)

After an epic fail of a weekend, I have a few thoughts for you.   Note to self, if you're going to keep working long jobs in Atlanta, make some decent friends.  Not cool to have no parties to go to on the sluttiest holiday of the year.  Not cool at all.

Delta was also nice enough to let us know that the ...

More Information From The Useless News Department

It looks as if AA is having more problems than previously thought, although certainly not on par with US.  The Financial Times and Tulsa World are reporting that AA will be shutting down its Kansas City maintenance base and eliminating 700 jobs.

Also from the The Financial Times today, filed under the "Unions are Evil" section, is an article about Boeing's ...

A Pleasant Surprise from Our Former Friends at CO

I got to the President's Club today at LAS fully expecting not to be let in.  The good news is that CO is honoring SkyClub memberships until January 31, 2009 systemwide.

In addition, if you want to become a member, they'll waive the initiation fee ($50) and give DL Elites the same price that their Elites would get.

It's a decent deal, and I might consider it because of my ...

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Vegas, Starwood, and The Misery of Chasing Status

I'm chasing Platinum at SPG this year, and I'm short a few nights.  One of these years, I'm either going to get to Gold and be nowhere near Platinum, or I'm going to go over Platinum.  Until then, I'm tied to Planet Hollywood, the only SPG hotel on The Strip, for my Vegas Vacation - styled adventures.  My trips to Las Vegas has traditionally be for one of three reasons:


Smokers of the World Unite - Part I

In the first of what will be a series of smokers-aide postings that I'll be doing, here's a focus point on smoking in Delta hubs.  I'll focus on other legacy airline hubs and popular cities in later postings.  If I've made a mistake here, or you have further information, please add it to the comments and I'll update the post.  Thanks.


Concourse T: Between ...

Delta Announces 2010 Summer Service

So the schedule will change in summer 2010 (big shock there), and you can see the international changes here, along with the accompanying news release here.

Nothing shocking - aircraft changes, some minor adds and subtracts, and blah, blah, blah.

What's interesting to me is that they are touting themselves as "America's Flag Carrier to the World", which is kind of cool ...

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Picturebook - Hot Flight Attendants Edition

As Joel McHale would say: "Let's talk about chicks, man."

In honor of the ridiculously smoking hot flight attendant I recently had the pleasure of seeing on a SkyWest flight, I'm starting a photo gallery of hot flight attendants that you can see here.

There's nothing there at the moment - which might lead you to believe - that's right - that this will be a group ...

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When You're In The Same Boat With Kendra and Heidi, Things Might Not Be As Good As They Seem

I'm awfully sick today, presumably from something I picked up on a 767 that has been exasperated by a lifetime of diabetes and chain smoking.  That said, it's the perfect day to set a few things straight.  I've been thinking a lot about the direction that my life is headed in, and the unexpected yet predictable changes that are about to occur.  That has led me to talk about a few ...

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Sky Clubs, Liquor, and Wifi All Seem to Mix


So things are not going so well in Honolulu right now.  Last year, around the same time as the NWA merger announcement, DL announced the closing of multiple Crown Rooms.  Some of them mattered almost not at all (like CVG and BOS, where there were multiple clubs) and some of them mattered just a little bit (like SEA, although AS always had the better club, and the World ...

When things go wrong, what truly is fair?

I took DL 69 last night from ATL to SFO.  On a Saturday night, nobody really expects any problems.  But that's where the problem begins.

My upgrade was cleared five days in advance.  For reasons that are completely unclear to me, the flight was serviced by a 767-300ER, with 36 seats in F available to the passengers (1 of these seats becomes a pilot rest on trips to ...

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Airline Collectables Show This Weekend

Contrary to what you might expect, I'm a big fan of these airline memorabilia shows, and a great one is going on this weekend.  The 23rd Annual Atlanta Airline Collectibles Show and Sale will be happening at the Delta Air Transport Heritage Museum this weekend on Saturday (10/17) from 9 to 4.  The collectibles should be cool, and if you've never seen the museum, now is a great time to check it out - the Spirit of Delta by itself is worth the trip.  I took some pictures the last time I was there that you can see here.

I'll be out in the afternoon before my flight home to SFO.  Just look for the guy with the shaved head who's about to kick your ass.

The Beauty of the SkyTeam Lounge at LHR

So I'm not much of a lounge hound - I've never seen these "magical" places in Asia or the Middle East.  I enjoy the AF lounges throughout Europe, and SkyClubs are, well, domestic lounges.  So long as the booze and wifi are free, I generally don't care.

After this week, though, I'm beginning to think I should.

The SkyTeam lounge opened a few months ago at ...

Reflections on the 764D, or flat bed flying

So I think I'm the first in our crowd to fly the 764D, which is the DL 767-400ER with flat bed seats.  I'm in London currently (which explains why I haven't been posting - sorry#, and I took DL 10 to get here.  So, my humble opinion:

I'll be the first to admit I've never flown on a true flat bed before.  Angled flat on NW and AF, sure, but never before have I had a ...
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