HF 5: Freight Dogs

In this week's commercial pilot podcast we are joined by Keith a freight dog to talk about piloting for a cargo airline. We discuss:

  • The continued issues with lasers being used around airports
  • The recent recount of the A380 engine problem
  • Working hours and schedules at a smaller freight airline that feeds the larger cargo companies
  • Fast student pilot training
  • The differences in schedules between flying freight and passengers
  • and more...

Keith will be joining us again, let us know in the comments below any freight flying questions you have.

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Mick December 20, 2010 at 05:54 pm

Greetings from Ireland, This is excellent stuff guys....I came to this from Steve's amazing thread on twoplustwo. It has taken me a while to read all of that thread and now I have listened to all the podcasts tonight. I am completely hooked on both pages now! Please keep it up and best of luck to Gabrielle on her training. Merry Christmas, /Mick