HF 11: Airshows and Instrument Flying

In this week's pilot podcast we are joined by Joe to discuss the upcoming Sun n' Fun airshow and Gabrielle's instrument flying course. This episode was recorded two weeks ago and we discussed:

  • Shell of a Harrier Jump Jet that was for sale on eBay in the UK
  • Amelia Earhart's wreck possibly found
  • The time line of how instrument flying came about.
  • Simulators, personal training devices or PTDs
  • Requirements for instrument flying & regulations
  • How Joe & Steve have benefited from instrument flying and their ratings.

If you're a pilot, ATC controller, ground crew or other airline employee and would like to join us on a future episode, please email us at [email protected]

Thanks for listening!

Disclaimer: The views expressed are the personal opinions of the participants and do not necessarily reflect the views of their employers.

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Bill April 15, 2011 at 05:07 pm

Just discovered this podcast, and it is delightful!! I have been flying for 25 years, and work in the industry, and it just brings back the joy and excitement of discovering flying. Great job. (I have no idea if I'm posting to the podcast site in general, or to episode 11 - I'm only up to #3 so far, but I love it!)

Mike April 15, 2011 at 05:48 pm

@Bill thanks for the compliments, they've been passed on to Steve and Gabrielle. This is the thread for episode 11, but it really doesn't matter where you leave a comment. Thanks again!