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Sep 24th
Welcome back to the Hangar Flying podcast. In this episode, our pilots answer some listener questions about noises you hear during boarding and inflight. We also discuss some piloting news including: Turbulence still h ...Read More
May 5th
Channel 9 on United Airlines inflight entertainment system has always been patched through to the pilots conversation with air traffic control.  In this episode of Hangar Flying our pilots discuss their ATC communication whi ...Read More
Feb 26th
This week our pilots are joined by John, a flight dispatcher to discuss the duties and career of the flight dispatch officer. We discuss: flight dispatcher salaries typical duty days operations work schedules and bidding ...Read More
Feb 10th
On this episode of Hangar Flying we are joined by Alex Turnbull of the Wakatipu Aero Club in Queenstown, New Zealand to discuss mountain flying and more. Gabrielle is off on vacation this week so Saul graciously stepped in ...Read More
Nov 22nd
A few weeks ago our pilots recorded this flying podcast about the associations available to private and commercial pilots alike. We covered some news at that time and discussed: ANA flight nearly flips over, due to one ...Read More
Oct 18th
In this week's aviation podcast we are joined by Max from the Airplane Geeks and Podcasting Passion podcast. We discuss jet engines, their cost, how airlines choose a manufacturer and more. If you're a pilot, ATC controller, ground ...Read More
Aug 27th
In this week's piloting podcast we discuss Gabrielle's multi engine rating certification and some old but interesting news including: Wife takes over when husband can't fly The news (at the time we recorded this a few we ...Read More
Jul 30th
In this piloting podcast we discuss the commercial flight plan including routes, way points, and the process the crew reviews before taking off. In addition we discuss: Some old news including the commuter flight hit by the A380 ...Read More