Where are my pants?

Even the most experienced road warrior will find themselves in their hotel room realizing that they've forgotten to pack something.  Over the years I've forgotten a number of things ranging from my laptop's power supply to my toiletry case.  Some things are easier to replace while some are harder, rarely is anything impossible.

A few weeks ago I drove down to Maryland for a meeting the following morning.  I arrived at my hotel later in the evening and started to unpack and prepare for the next morning.  As I was unpacking, I started asking myself "uh oh, where are my pants".  You see, since I drove down, I just wore jeans and thought I had packed a pair of dress pants, which apparently I hadn't.  

So, short of running to Walmart to look for dress pants, I resigned myself to realizing there was nothing I could do until the next day and off to bed I went.  The next morning I woke up and started pondering on how to handle this problem as I was in an area that was new to me and had no idea what was in the vicinity.  

I got dressed into my jeans and decided to head out.  Since I was meeting a coworker at the customer site, I let him know I'd be a little late as I had something to tend to.   Off I went to find pants.  Fortunately, without much effort I stumbled onto a Nordstrom Rack and on this day, they were open early at 9am.  SCORE!   So in I went looking for pants and was quite happy as I started going through the selection.  As I'm pulling slacks out, I'm realizing a number of them aren't hemmed.  Now, I have no time to hem or even consider hemming given the situation, so pre-tailored slacks were a must.  Pulling slacks out to find them unhemmed was annoying as well, so I decided to do the most logical thing, I got down on the floor and started looking at the pant legs to see which were hemmed and which weren't as I decided if they worked,.  After a few minutes, the lucky pair was selected and off I went.  

My next problem was where to put them on.  I had already checked out of my hotel so that wasn't an option and showing up at the client site to change didn't seem like a bright idea either.  After exhausting my options, I restorted to having to change in the car in some remote corner of the parking lot.   So as I keep an eye out to make sure no one was approaching, I managed to change out of the jeans and into the new pants with little challenge.  DOUBLE SCORE.  

Crisis averted and little did I know that redemption was on its way.  I arrived at the customer site without any further incident and started telling my coworker what had happened.  He chuckled said "me too" and pointed down at his shoes.  Apparently he had forgotten his shoes and was wearing sneakers.

It happens to the best of us, but the best thing to do is take it in stride.


LOL. Great story, Fozz. Glad you were more resourceful than your colleague!

Adam S May 22, 2012 at 06:46 pm

Funny - usually a tie that I'm missing and running to buy at the last minute.

I did once have a trip where I got upgraded to a suite at the Trump Chicago that must have been close to 1,500 square feet and it took me 5 minutes to find where I had left my pants the previous night - but that's a different kettle of fish.

Brad May 22, 2012 at 07:00 pm

Nice Fozz. I've forgotten plenty on business trips, socks, belt, even a jacket in winter weather. Pants, though...that's a new one to me. Glad it worked out.

Sunil May 27, 2012 at 09:08 pm

Fozz - I did forget my pants for a visit to SFO area. I had to drive up to the nearest factory outlet and dress up to get to the office.

Beau June 8, 2012 at 11:43 am

I once realized (at ~7pm) that, though I had dropped off one bag, I had another full laundry bag of dry cleaning sitting in my car trunk and I had a 5am redeye to MSP, then on to JFK. All of my "professional" clothing (dress shirts, slacks, etc.) were in the second bag, of course. In an area with no overnight cleaning, I had to wait until the hotel in NY to send out $150 worth of cleaning. Now, whenever I have a trip coming up I make a list of the items necessary and check it while standing in the cleaners.