United announces $500M in onboard enhancements

In traditional United fashion, a plethora of "good" news is following the leak of upcoming Mileage Plus enhancements.

The highlights:

  • The 767-200s and Domestic 767-300s are being coverted to with the new BusinessFirst seat.
  • Economy Plus is rolling out on the 767-400, the first one will return to service this fall will include the new BusinessFirst seats as well as Economy Plus. 
  • First class and Economy Plus is being added to all Q400s
  • Channel 9 is coming to the Continental fleet, the first of which will be the first 767-400 that returns to service in the fall.
  • Bigger overhead bins on the AIrbus 319 and 320s.
  • Streaming in-flight video and WiFi on the 747-400s.
  • And the long awaited P.S. annoncement, which will now be two cabin with 26 of the new BusinessFirst seat and also introducing standard Economy into these planes along with the existing Economy Plus.


The 762s aren't getting BF, Fozz. They are getting retired.

Also, Channel 9 was specifically mentioned for the 764s but I wouldn't be surprised if some 738s and 753s get it first. They're getting the LiveTV install starting this fall as well and it will be a bit of a race to see which has the service deployed first.