United Airlines' new Club Credit Card Promo

United and Chase recently released a new version of their club card.  Dubbed the United MileagePlus Club Card, the card mimic's most of the featurs of the legacy Continental Presidential Plus Card.  The biggest difference between the legacy and new product is that the new card no longer offers Flexible Elite Qualifying Miles (Flex EQMs) and that the new card now gives 1.5 miles per each dollar spent instead of the 1 mile per dollar.  Additionally the annual fee has gone up $20 to $395.

Now through May 31st, Chase is offering a promotion through the various United Clubs for a waiver of the annual fee for the first year.   The key is that in the clubs they have a number of pamphlets for the card, on the first page is a promo code and a URL which will apply the fee waiver.  

The Presidential Plus card is my most popular card so I definitely endorse it and believe the new card will be on par, possibly better with the higher mileage earning rates.

Look for the pamphlet below at a club near you:



UA-NYC April 18, 2012 at 08:41 am

How can it be on par without any EQM earning ability?

Fozz April 18, 2012 at 09:26 am

@UA-NYC: It's a matter of perspective. For me, as a 2 Million Miler, I now have lifetime Platinum status. With the new rules this year, FEQMs can not be used to attain 1K status, so moving forward FEQMs are useless to me. Furthermore, with the old card you earned 2,000 FEQMs for every $15,000 in spend. With the new card while you wouldn't earn the 2,000 FEQMs, you would instead earn 7,500 RDMs which is a pretty reasonable trade off.

Mike D March 23, 2014 at 03:00 am

Hmmm are you sure those PQM numbers are correct? I got the Presidential Plus card in 2012 right before the merger, and I still carry that card today (though it's no longer available for new customers, many of us are legacy-ed in). I get 1000 PQMs for each $5000 spent, not 2000 PQMs for each %15000, and I've been getting it that way since I received the card in early 2012.

One up-side the card still has (but I guess wouldn't for you as a lifetime Platinum) is that the PQD requirements are completely waved regardless of spending on the card all the way up to Platinum PQD requirements. I believe the new card requires at least $25K in spending to achieve that.