Ten days and counting.

With less than two weeks to go as a part of Skyteam, the time is ticking if you want to redeem for a Skyteam award.

Changing alliances has a bit of confusion surrounding it.  The biggest point of confusion is that some people believe they have to fly their Skyteam award by 10/24/09, which is the day Continental leaves Skyteam.  Not true, your award just needs to be ticketed by that date.

What does that mean?  You can book an award for up to 330 days out (this is the furthest out a airline reservation can be).  So if you want to book a trip for the spring or summer on Skyteam, now is the time. 

So if you wanted to book that trip to Tahiti, now would be the time.



What happens if the award needs to be changed once CO moves to Star Alliance?

Star choices instead of SkyTeam choices?

Fozz October 14, 2009 at 05:35 pm

Good question.

After Oct 24th if the reservation needs to change it will indeed need to be reissued on Star Alliance flights.

I do believe a minor schedule changes will be handled differently and will not require a change of carriers though.