Mileage Plus Survives


Earlier today United announced that the surviving frequent flyer program would be Mileage Plus and that Onepass will terminate on Decemeber 31.  No big news, this is what was being expected all along.   But all this really means is that the program name will be Mileage Plus.

United has seperately stated that it will be migrating off of Apollo onto the Continental IT infrastructure, known as SHARES.   Everything that lives on United for Apollo, including Mileage Plus.   So, if Apollo is going away, United has two options.

  • Migrate all the MP data from  Apollo to the CO system and then migrate all the Onepass accounts into Mileage Plus, this ends up being two separate migrations from an IT aspect.
  • Keep the name Mileage Plus, but keep the Onepass account numbers and only have to do a single migration of legacy Mileage Plus to "new" Mileage Plus.  

The latter is a much simpler migration as it's a single migration and much easier on the users and folks doing the migration, but it does mean that while the surviving program name would be Mileage Plus, the surviving frequent flyer numbers would be Onepass numbers.

UA Insider's post on Flyertalk included:

We still owe you a bunch of details. Later this year we will announce the specific details of the 2012 Mileage Plus program, including mileage expiration, account numbers, lifetime status, elite tiers, qualification and benefits. I know you’re starving for these details, and we’re going to explain it all in the coming months.

Based on the comment about account numbers, my theory may not be too off.  If i was to wager, I would get used to my Onepass number.


I'll go ahead and wager the other way and say MP#s will survive. ;-)

Apollo is more simply the reservations system than the full IT backend for Mileage Plus, etc. SHARES can also accommodate MP data as it stands.