Foursquare coming to a hotel near you!

In the last two weeks we've seen two hotel chains jump on the Foursquare bandwagon.  In both cases, the chains are giving out points to woo people into checking-in at their properties.

Starwood announced two weeks ago they would offer 250 points for each check-in in conjunction with a stay.   Last week Intercontinental followed-suit with a paltry 50 points per night for checking-in at their properties. 

Coincidentally Starwood announced their initiative during my stay at a Sheraton.  The process to link my foursquare account to Starwood was easy and trivial.   The points started showing up in my account within days, which was a bonus.  The Priority Club promo is run through Topguest.  Since I have very litttle experience with Priority Club and Topguest, I can't comment as to how easy it is, but I've heard that it does require linking through Facebook, which does add a layer of complexity and leaves me wondering about privacy issues.

Now if only Hyatt would jump in on this, i'd be set!


Nick May 23, 2011 at 05:29 pm

For Priority Club, you link your topguest account to facebook, and topguest holds all your loyalty club info. I've used this for Doubletree check-ins

Actually, the Priority Club thing is not new. They launched the 50 points per check-in with Top Guest last summer. Since then I've already racked up nearly 4,000 PC points from it.

Hilton is also on board with Top Guest with 50 points per DoubleTree check in. I'm up to about 1,000 Hilton HHonors points from those Foursquare check ins. Unfortunately Hilton isn't doing this with any of their other brands yet.

The biggest difference between what SPG is doing and the others that are working with Top Guest is that SPG is offering more points, but you have to be a registered guest, and it's one 250 point bonus per stay (with a confirmed reservation). Top Guest works in a very different way. It's 50 points per check in, with no verification of whether or not you're a guest in the hotel. And, it's every day, so if you stayed in an Intercontinental location for four nights, that's 200 points for the stay if you check into the hotel on Foursquare each day. And, since they don't verify that you were actually staying in the hotel, and there are a LOT of Priority Club participating hotels scattered around… Well, you catch my drift. ;-)

Also, just an added note regarding Top Guest. It doesn't require that you link it to Facebook. You can, but you don't have to. If you do, they will accept check ins on Facebook places, in addition to Foursquare. A similar option exists to link a Twitter account as well.

Kevin May 24, 2011 at 02:10 pm

I have eight SPG stays in the next three weeks (can you believe that seven of them are for business, one for pleasure, and not a single "mattress run" in there!? sheesh!). Anyhow, I realized that 8*250 = 2000 SPG points, I figured I better sign up for FourSquare! So I signed up yesterday, and I checked in at the Denver International Airport Aloft. Tonight it's the Westin in MD just outside of DC. I wonder if i'll end up using it even when i'm not checking into a hotel.