Buh-Bye kids that were picked last...


One of my all-time favorite lines about Skyteam is "we were the kids that were picked last".  While an amusing line it is also quite true.  The carriers in Skyteam are the ones that were left out of Star and Oneworld.  Skyteam was also the last to be formed of the three.

As of 12:00am CDT earlier today, any thing related to Skyteam was being removed from Continental's website.  I have yet to run into someone, at least from the Continental side, that is disappointed by the change.

In two more days, Continental will be a part of Star Alliance and welcomed by many.  The latest update of the Star Alliance timetables already include Continental and all of its flights.  There are a number of reports that new Elite cards and Presidents Clubs cards have been shipped with the Star logo.  (I haven't checked my mail yet, hopefully i'll have a nice present tomorrow). 

From all indications everything seems to be on track for a succesful integration into Star.  It will be very interesting to see what Star rewards are available online come Tuesday night.