BMI's future


For a few months now there has been a lot of speculation as to what will happen with BMI (British Midland) and its Frequent Flyer Program, Diamond Club since Lufthansa acquired the remaining shares earlier this year. 

This was one of the questions that was raised frequently at the Star MegaDO.  The answer?  None yet.

In various conversations, Lufthansa execs stated that they were "assessing" BMI.  They went so far as to say they weren't sure if they would keep it or sell it.   They also indicated it is up to the airline itself to decide to forego its own mileage program and join with Lufthansa's Miles & More. 

So, for the time being it appears Diamond Club is safe.  If Lufthansa does decide to keep BMI then we'll need to start lobbying for BMI to keep their own program but for the time being it sounds like it's safe.