Posts from May 2012

Houston: The Short Sighted City

Yesterday the City of Houston voted to approve a project to expand the city's second airport, Hobby, to include international flights.   The city already has a very la...


Where are my pants?

Even the most experienced road warrior will find themselves in their hotel room realizing that they've forgotten to pack something.  Over the years I've forgotten a number ...


United Club Card Free for first year

As I clean my desk, I've unearthed a stack of brouchoures for the new United Club Card.  These brouchers have a promotion code good for one free year, a $395 value.


American Airlines 10% Discount certificates

In the process of cleaning my desk I just found three American Airlines 10% off discount certificates.

These are good for domestic and international as well as one-way o...


Watch your United reservations

A little bit ago I received an updated eTicket receipt from United for a trip in Novemeber.  But I was a bit confused since this new itinerary was for a trip to Chicago and...

Austrian Airlines Chef Experience

So as I posted a few weeks ago I was in a bit of a conundrum as to wheter to fly Austrian Airlines or not.  In the end, I opted to stick with it and the final result is mix...