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Mileage Plus Survives


Earlier today United announced that the surviving frequent flyer program would be Mileage Plus and that Onepass will terminate on Decemeber 31.  No big news,...

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Malaysian Airlines Rocks!

In a recent memo sent to travel agents, Malaysian Airlines has dictated that infants are not permitted in First Class cabins of 747-400s.   I, for one, applaud this de...


StarMegaDO 3: Awesome or Bust?

A few months ago the next chapter of the StarMegaDO was announced.  The first StarMegaDO took us to Europe to visit Lufthansa, SAS and Airbus.  The second StarMegaDO f...


Service Dogs fly Free!

As the airlines raise fees associated with pets being brought onto aircraft, a number of people are flocking to a new haven.  The haven?  They are certifying their pet...


Ten Days and Thirteen Airports

The last few weeks have been a bit insane due to work and in the midst of it all I have one of the Seattle to Newark trips booked (via GRU of course).  As I sat there think...

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United to bring back 500 milers

If this page is any indication of what the future holds, then we'll see the return of United's 500 mile certificates.

In reality, it's likely an aged page that was never...


Delta and US Airways Slot Swap, Take 2

Not accepting denial from the first attempt, Delta and US Airways announced they are reattempting their slow swap, albeit with different terms.

The new proposal has Delt...

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