Foursquare coming to a hotel near you!

In the last two weeks we've seen two hotel chains jump on the Foursquare bandwagon.  In both cases, the chains are giving out points to woo people into checking-in at their properties.
Starwood announced two weeks ago they would offer 250 points for each check-in in conjunction with a ...

And the winner is...

Since the merger between Continental and United there has been rampant speculation as to which reservation system will survive.  United currently uses a system called Apollo which is hosted by Amadeus.   Meanwhile Continental uses an in-house system called Shares. 
In this ...

The Inevetiable Death of Channel 9

Now that we're well into the merger of Continental and United the realization is starting to set in that we're going to be losing Channel 9.  You may be wondering why.   It's not a political issue, it's not a personnel issue, it's due to a technical limitation.
For a number of ...

There goes the neighborhood

The title of this post is an old saying when undesirables move into the neighborhood.  In this particular case, it is referring to the entry of Southwest airlines into Newark.
For years, Newark has avoided the mass of low cost carriers and thus keeping a higher caliber of travelers through ...
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First Class on the Lufthansa A380

Last week I had the pleasure of taking a ride on the Lufthansa A380 in First.  A truly amazing experience, I highly recommend.

While the seats aren't suites like Turkish or Emirates, they are very private and quite spacious.  One of the coolest parts was that each person gets a private locker with a combination lock.

Here are some pictures I was able to snag.

The private storage locker.

A closeup of the storage locker showing seat assignment.


Please take your assigned seat

To all the battlefield upgraders, yes, it is an inconvenience for me to change my seat.  Just by asking, you put me in an awkward spot.  Do I stay in the seat that I chose and wanted while being a jerk, or do I inconvenience myself and sacrifice my choice just so you can sit next ...

The Death of the Gate Area

For as long as airports have existed, gate areas have existed.  A place where one can arrive before your flight, lounge around until your turn to board comes.  Well, thanks to Delta, this experience may be going away.  A few weeks ago I headed to JFK T2 for a quick trip to ...

Turkey Day Mileage Redemption

A few months ago I was tipped off by a friend of a really cool mileage redemption.  Apparently, US Airways considered Russia part of North Asia.  (US recently adjusted its redemption chart so Russia is no longer part of North Asia).  From a strictly geographical standpoint, ...

Copa and Avianca-Taca to join Star Alliance

According to this article on, it appears that Star Alliance will be seeing a very large jump in presence in Central and South America.   It's been announced that Copa Airlines and Avianca-Taca will be joining Star Alliance.

Having flown on Copa on a few occasions, I have to say I'm pleased with this.   Matthew can comment on his experience with Avianca. :)

So the next question is to see what happens if LAN and TAM complete their merger.  Will they pick Star Alliance or Oneworld or will Skyteam try to lure them over to the darkside?

Boeing's latest option -- Sunroofs

Last week an American Airlines plane flying from Miami to Boston experienced a decompression and a hole ripped open in the skin of the airplane above the forward door.  Fortunately there were no injuries and the plane returned to Miami without any further incident.

This is the second of two incidents recently and Boeing recently issued a bulletin about structual fatigue for certain models of 757s.  

Nonetheless, it's not every day you get to see a picture and since one popped up on the internetz, i wanted to share.

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What about American?

With the recent completion of the merger of Continental and United, American is left a distant third in the Airline race.   Some of the reasons to be concerned about American are:
First, American was just recently awarded antitrust immunity for transatlantic flights, ...

Putting those BMI miles to use

As some folks know bmi miles have been rather valuable since they have some great redemption opportunities.  With bmi's Diamond Club going away sometime next year, I figured it was a good time to start some redemptions. 
I decided that I wanted to use my miles for ...
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United applies for service to Cancun from


According to this filing, the new United has applied to fly to Cancun seasonally from Austin, Raleigh/Durham and San Antonio.  

Delta recently applied to serve Cancun seasonally from Austin, Columbus, San Antonio and Tampa.

Based on this, it looks like there may be some real competition between United and Delta.  I'm also very happy to see the new United break out from its hubs.

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Blonde Ambition


This one is for Hunter...

A Lithuanian company has unveiled plans to launch an island in the Maldives that will be exclusively run by blondes.

According to this BBC article, the company is run by blonde women and operates in a variety of businesses.   Though it's opening is slated for 2015, it is already attracting a lot of criticism from folks as they dub the project 'Rascist'. 

It's an interesting concept, as a guy, i'm definitely liking the idea, but it may be one of those projects that seems great on paper and fails in execution.

The Blog Lives


Good day folks.  As some of you may have noticed i've been rather absent in my blogging duties.  Unfortunately that thing called life has taken away most of my spare time.  With that said, i'm working on devoting some time to the blog and be a bit more regular.  I've got some cool topics which I hope you all enjoy in the coming weeks.


Getting tough on airline food

New York senator Chuck Schumer has decided that it is time to crack down on airline food quality.  Recently there has been some disclosure about the sanitary conditions of certain airline kitchens. 
According to a USA Today article, current fines against health code ...

Delta and US Airways abandon slot swap deal

Well it appears that Delta and US Airways have given up on attempting to slot swaps at LaGuardia and Reagan National.  The deal was originally announced almost a year ago and has been the subject of heavy scrutiny by the government and other airlines.   The deal was ...

The Great Tulip Debate

So I've been laying low lately with a number of things going on in the other parts of my life and I'm noticing all the "Save the Tulip" campaigns.
Really folks?  Do you have nothing better to do than worry about the logo an airline?  Sure, the UA logo is unique, ...

Continental and United release details

In a press release this morning, Continental and United officially announced their intentions to merge and released some details.  Additionally they've launched a website for the merger here.
It's already evident that this isn't another Delta/Northwest.  In that case, it ...

Continental and United agree to merge.


The Houston Chronicle is reporting that Continental and United have agreed to merge.  The merger was approved by both companies respective board of directors and is supposed to be announced tomorrow morning.

As a loyal flyer of both I'm truly sad to see this happen.  While the big-wigs want to tout consolidation as neccesary, it is never good from a consumer standpoint as it reduces competition. 

The link toe the Chronicle article is here.

We'll see what the details are tomorrow, but this is definitely some sad news.